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Tue 13th Mar 2012

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Andrew_DS89 commented on Rumour: Donkey Kong 3D Swinging Into View:

I was in my local EB Games today actually and there was a Nintendo rep in there having a stern chat with the manager because they had that exact display and she was not happy that they had them up =/

I heard the manager talking to the rep and the conversation they had at the time didn't click, as in I wondered what she was on about it was as follows:

The manager kept saying "I spent ages putting that wall up, I'm not going to go to the trouble of tearing it down" and the representative said something along the lines of "Nintendo hasn't announced anything about this yet, and I don't think they would be too happy about this"

Now I understand, they were arguing about the game =P Now whether that rep meant that there is no DK3D at this time and so they don't want people thinking otherwise, or that they don't want to reveal it yet I don't know.