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Wed 25th May 2011

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Ancoma commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii):

I cannot but totally agree with this review. Nothing's perfect and this game isn't, but I really have a great time with it. I'm 41 old now, and this game take me 20 years back when I was gaming everyday (hmm well it's every night now with it). Great musical score, new items, cool graphism, clever level design, and a really immersive game. And not so expensive.



Ancoma commented on North America to Get Zelda: Skyward Sword Save...:

Great for making a fix. I've just began this part, and I wonder why one would go to Lanayru Desert first : usually Zelda games don't let you go where you want till you haven't completed quests in the right order, so it doesn't come to my mind going elsewhere than Faron, and I wonder if the real bug is not that you can go to the third quest in advance ? The scenario strongly push you in visiting Faron first. My guess is that this (nasty) bug will be encountered mostly by people reading the solution before playing, and greedily going to the third quest because they heard of some cool treasure there ... And then even doing so doesn't trigger the bug, apparently you just have to avoid talking to the Goron after completion of the third quest. Hope there's no more bugs awaiting in the corner.



Ancoma commented on Talking Point: The Growing Storm of Operation ...:

Well, those titles do have gained a strong publicity, by now _
As an European, I'm quite happy with kid's titles, fitness and party games to play with my family, but I also eager to buy one of those titles (I'll wait for some review) for myself. Hopefully, I can't play all day long, so the tiny wii line-up of more "mature" games is enough for me.
I do hope we'll see those titles coming out before Wii dies, or is it just a plan to have "semi-hardcore" Wii players buy a Wii U as soon as possible ?
It's sad, it seems those games have a good exploitation of the Wii hardware capacity (hope Wii U won't have to wait 10 years to see a Zelda HD...)



Ancoma commented on New Trailer for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword...:

Yes, characters seem pretty different from TP but, then, I should quickly accomodate... they look more like cartoons. But, what a long wait for a "real" wii Zelda game. Hope the story will be fine, and the difficulty well balanced. Seems to me I'm gonna loose some sleep time again ...



Ancoma commented on Features: Re-Examining Zelda: Twilight Princess:

@Token_Girl, well, I've not played Any Zelda game since LTTP, just 20 years ago or so ... I finally bought a Wii recently, love to play with my childs, and wondering if I stay a child myself
But then, aside from the little party games I found this Zelda title and this game is really astonishing. I went from surprises to marvels, never boring (I remember wandering hours in LTTP, not founding what to do next), and loosing sleep time at an alarmous rate ! The visuals are stunning, animation is smooth and very realistic, fighting the bosses a great experience. I agree it's a bit on the easy side (well, the part where you(ve got to save the Zora's Prince nearly drove me mad till I found how to pass).
But I think if I've been playing each and every other 3D Zelda title out, numerous times, this very feeling would be strongly disminished.
I've just finished it, and it's really an epic tale (with some touch of humor in it, also - remember the citadel guards in the tavern ?). The wolf part are great, also (and not that long).
And yes, Zelda character is certainly not the main one in this game, but for some reason princess to rescue are just very passive ones, isn't it? Midna was no more combative in the beginning - but she takes her destiny in her hands and find a Hero to use. Doing so, she discovers many things, and it's quite interesting following her evolution throughout the game.