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Mon 12th Jan 2009

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AnakinOU commented on USA WiiWare Update: Planet Pachinko and Jungle...:

Wiiloveit wrote:

Hello there, Playful Entertainment propaganda person - how are you doing?

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not a Playful Entertainment propaganda person. I'm just a long-time video game player who also is a huge board and card game fan. I'm not encouraging everyone to get Jungle Speed, but merely to not write it off as "just a card game." Jungle Speed (the physical card game) is a tremendously fun game, and a great match for WiiWare. It's getting a lot of disrespect in this thread, from people who haven't even tried it....which is disappointing. I'm simply saying it's worth a try, even at 1000 points (hell, the physical card game, which doesn't have all the features of the WiiWare game, has a $21.99 MSRP).