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Fri 8th Apr 2011

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AnacreonZA commented on Guides: Upscaling Your Retro Consoles for HDTV...:

I have one of these, although ordered from It works well, and it's fairly cheap in comparison with other similar devices. I had an issue with my LCD monitor where I was getting a moire problem but adjusting my settings managed to fix that. I feed it component video and the quality is good. It handles PAL50/60 and NTSC. It claims to support sync on green RGB but it didn't work when I set my PS2 to output that - no great loss as the quality on component should be the same.

How are you hooking up older consoles? The device comes with component leads and claims to support RGB, but no leads are supplied for that. I'm interested to know if it accepts SCART RGB with the sync on the composite video signal. If so that would be an excellent way to hook up an NTSC SNES or PAL Gamecube. I have the rare Cube component cable but my SNES has to struggle along with s-video.