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Thu 29th Oct 2009

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AnAbsoluteGenius commented on Doc Louis Wants to Fight You:

I probably shouldn't even be telling you guys this... since I'm a rich exclusive platinum Club Nintendo member that wants to hog all the fun to myself! LOL!!!! But you can download the Doc Louis game RIGHT NOW. I never received an email from Nintendo, but since I'm a genius (check my user name) I know a way of getting the download code!

1) Log into your Club Nintendo account
2) Look for the link labeled "Reward Order Inquiry" and click "See All" (its on the left side once you sign in... right below "My Newsletter")
3) Click the link that says "View Game Code"

There you have it, you can be as cool as me, but not as smart nor rich.
This game is awesssssome!!! It would totally suck if I wasn't a platinum Club Nintendo member, I don't know how I could cope with life. All you platinum members know what I'm talking about, we are the TRUE Nintendo fan boys. Woot Woot.