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Sat 10th Nov 2012

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AmishThunder commented on Ubisoft Devoted Significant Resources to Watch...:

@DePapier to be honest, the January sales of the Wii U were absurdly bad and February will be even worse. March may see a slight increase with the release of MH3 (although it being on 3ds will take sales away from the wii u) and Lego City. However, I doubt we'll see any significant sales until 3rd and 4th quarter when (hopefully) we get some great 1st party releases. My concern is that the PS4 and Durango are going to over shadow Nintendo. If I were Nintendo, I'd drop a major price cut this spring/summer. I'm a big fan, but they will not be able to go head to head with Sony and Microsoft and getting the consoles moving now is going to be key.



AmishThunder commented on UK Retailers Call For Wii U Price Cut And Fres...:

It'll move more units as more games become available. It's still the 2nd best selling console launch of all time. With that said, if I were Nintendo, I'd want to get as many units out there before Sony/Microsoft drop their beasts into the world.



AmishThunder commented on Analyst Firm Concerned That Wii U Will "Lack B...:

I think that the next Xbox (720/whatever) is going to be the mass market sweetheart. I expect it to have the broadest mass market appeal. I think eventually the Wii U will find it's place sitting behind the next Microsoft system. As for Sony, unless the PS4 is something really special, they're going to be at the bottom of the barrel. Of the next generation of systems, I think Nintendo has the most to prove and the most to gain, Sony has the most to lose, and Microsoft kinda' just has to not screw anything up. In the end, I want a Steam box.



AmishThunder commented on Review: Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 (Wii U):

@Bankai What about games involving psychotic turtles that must be stomped and kicked into other turtles? What about games where you have to kill other humans? If you try to take your pseudo-moral high ground on video games, what games do you play? Pinball and pinball? Of course, some of those tables objectify women, so you should avoid those too.



AmishThunder commented on GameStop Reports 320,000 Wii U Sales Since Launch:

320,000, I'd say that's a bit low. for GS. I'd guess that would have wanted to move at least 500,000. However, based on how many GS sold, I would estimate that Nintendo moved at least 1 million units in NA this holiday season. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to say Nintendo moved 2 - 3 million worldwide since launch. I'll guess 2.5 million units.