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Fri 2nd Aug 2013

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AlucardsQuest commented on Review: Rytmik World Music (DSiWare):

@Alexsyko What I did was get a Monster Cable of two male audio ends (or any MP3 audio out cord) to plug into the headphone jack of my 3DS XL, (or whichever DS system you have) and the other to the input jack in the back of my PC. If you can hear your DS system's audio through your PC speakers, then you'll know you've connected to the correct port. Next you'll need recording software, I use Audacity because it's easy to use (and free). Then of course you just hit record on the software and play on your song after loading Rytmik, and stop when it's done. If the sound is too distorted on playback you might wanna adjust the mic input volume on the software (I find for me Audacity records this best with the mic level at .01). It's primitive, but that's a relatively easy and cheap option.