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Re: Feature: Nintendo's Motion Revolution


Why did I have to use the motion controls for the boring loftwing flying parts in SS, that I want to know.
Setting the boss key was a fun little gimmick, but setting the same controls for skydiving was just a timid idea.
More often than not, the controls began as a gimmicky and confusing set that would drive the player's fun away. My friend, a fan of Zelda games, didn't want to play SS after about two hours of gameplay. Instead, he started playing my copy of Windwaker. He finished the game during the next few days, saying that SS just felt like it drove him away ever since he had to fly the Loftwing and swing the sword. Windwaker felt deep, calm and fined, like a good story whom you follow with your ears and eyes while you play thru it.

SS simply could not reach a depth, calmness or finesse with its controls. It is not properly balanced.
I say, the game with the best depth and finesse in controls gained the best sales last year. That's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Call of Duty series beat Battlefield series easily since Battlefield doesn't run at a constant 60 fps and it lacks the amount of finesse involved.

Re: Review: The Last Story (Wii)


The male characters of this game are very feminine. It's like every male character is made to look the way they do just to gain teenage female interest and create more emo fashion kids.
I'd say just about every male character looks like a skinny girl. You can even remove some of their damn clothes to show their skinny bare chests.
I've not been scarred by the gore of the internet, but these feminine males that came out of nowhere seem to have done so.

Re: Aonuma: "We'll See" About Zelda Voice Acting


It has always worked on Half-Life... It has worked on The Elder Scrolls...
Why not Zelda? Surely, I'd rather not hear Link with a voice while you're able to name him whoever. I'd like him to be called Link when the hero's name is spoken with voice, but have the subtitles say the name I gave the hero. This should be considered.

The quality of the voice acting certainly varies, but it's clear that Xenoblade Chronicles has some of the best english voice acting I have heard. The japanese actors were blown away in that game in my opinion. Thus I believe they could do really well with a Zelda, too.

Stay optimistic, people. There's nothing to lose should they also add the option to turn the voice acting off.

Re: Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Wii)


I finished it on the Wii before getting it on the PC... A week before launch. I think I liked playing the Wii version's singleplayer more than the PC's with all its grittiness. The framerate could've been better at times, but it was still a great game to play for 5 hours.
The multiplayer didn't even lack players, but the lag was there. Had to shoot with akimbo weapons for a firerate boost and aim ahead targets to hit anyone moving.

Re: Feature: Resident Evil's Nintendo History


Resident Evil games never sold as well on Nintendo consoles as on Sony's consoles. Not even close. RE4 for GC sold 1,7 million units, the lousy PS2 port sold over 3,4 million units. The Wii edition on the other hand has sold almost 2 million units. The reason why we'll never have a unique and great Resident Evil game again is because Resi 5 has sold 4 million on units on PS3 alone and 3 million on Xbox 360.
Resident Evil games are hardcore games for people who buy hardcore consoles.

On an interview a RE4 developer said that it is a lot harder to develop games for PS2 than GC so that might be why it was first on GC and not PS2...

I say the age of proper RE games for Nintendo consoles are over and buried. What remains is only the disgusting rot whom they call the RE Darkside/Umbrella Chronicles.