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Thu 30th May, 2013

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ALinkttPresent commented on Nintendo Announces Best Buy Locations and Deta...:

It's unfortunate that the only way for anybody in the "World" to enter the World Championships from outside of the United States is to get one of the 8 mysterious invites. Also, if they were going to have 8 locations in America, they shouldn't have held two of them in California (which is also where the finals are being held), and they shouldn't have held one of them in Miami, which is literally the most out of the way city in the contiguous United States.



ALinkttPresent commented on Nintendo's Wii U TVii Service is Formally Canc...:

Europe is not missing out. Nintendo said it was the most non-Nintendo thing the company has ever done when they announced it, and as you're well aware, Nintendo is good. Doing something that isn't Nintendo-y is therefore bad. The service was actually very helpful and cool when the system first launched, but a while back they released an update that supposedly made it a lot better, but in fact made it nearly unusable. I wouldn't be surprised if they shut off the service completely, it's a waste of server space.



ALinkttPresent commented on Mickey's Speedway USA:

Wasn't there a Game Boy Color version? Nintendo Life should do a review and stuff on that one too, since it probably won't make it to the VC, being a Rare game and all.



ALinkttPresent commented on Citizens of Earth:

Atlus' first Wii U game, and the first 3rd party game of the year that looks interesting! I hope it gets a good review, I'm a fan of Atlus' work on Nintendo systems.