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Sun 16th Jun 2013

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Alextriad commented on Sakurai: Online Play Will Be Improved in Upcom...:

Melee was much better balanced for offense and defense. I used to play with some of the best in the world. When Brawl came out, the game was so bad I stopped for the most part.

People will often defend, just simply have moves that can be use as an approach that is safe in most ways.

You also don't need want to make approaches that cuts through defense entirely but simply force the opponent to have less options for the following step. When I played everyone would at least think about the next step after the attack. Also the one air dodge in the air helps supply much better balance for offense and defense. Choosing the direction helps you defend but only having one makes it risky.

players thought twice about camping in MELEE because standing still actually just gave the attacker who is moving more options. Also, in melee you could edge guard where the opponent is off the edge and by pressuring (attacking) from the edge the opponent worried most about making it back. You can almost always come back in brawl and its more about knock outs than keeping the opponent off the edge.

There are so many things if Sakurai cared about competitive play he would talk to the top players of various countries. People follow their leads to win. The competitive scene always dominates online play.