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Italian gamer belonging to both the Nintendo fanbase and - to a lesser extent - the Sony and Xbox fanbases. Currently holding out for the Gameboy Advance's official VC debut on the 3DS eShop. [Warning: my Facebook page linked below is in Italian.]

Wed 20th Feb 2013

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AlexSora89 commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

Don't worry, @ThomasBW84: if you were on a "maniacal quest to destroy Nintendo", you'd be sitting between Ben Croshaw and Jim Sterling at The Escapist (or, for better or for worse, at IGN/Gamespot).

I haven't been all that nice to Nintendo, myself, even with games that I do like (such as being paranoid about Super Mario Maker being even a thing just because of the WiiU's troubles, or Smash Bros.'s handheld debut coming out for the 3DS's INITIAL troubles) in my comments, but then again, anyone who reads my stuff on a daily basis knows I friggin' love Nintendo as a whole. Loving Nintendo doesn't keep Mario Tennis Ultra Smash and The Legend Of Zelda Triforce Heroes' single player campaign from offering the bare minimum. Facts are facts.



AlexSora89 commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

Crash Bandicoot would cause my inner kid to cry tears of joy until I die from dehydration. Alas, what with him being the former mascot of PlayStation (even moreso than Cloud), even his Nintendo appearances (such as the GBA games, which wonderfully captured the spirit of the original games) aren't enough to make such a suggestion likely. Then again, the first time I saw Cloud was on a "Never underestimate the power of PlayStation" poster on the door of a gaming store ("Big Fun") I used to visit as a kid (and I still occasionally do), so I wouldn't rule out anything at this point (I'm looking at you, Sora).

Speaking of more likely suggestions ("likely" due to their significance as Nintendo and/or Nintendo-ish characters - again, not that it really matters anymore), Shantae, Shovel Knight, Rayman, Isaac, Bomberman, Travis, Layton, Phoenix, Klonoa, Goemon and Simon are the ones that make the most sense to me; as for additions to already represented franchises in Smash, instead, there are Ridley for Metroid, K.Rool for Donkey Kong, Tails for Sonic, Wolf for StarFox as a veteran, Ninten for EarthBound (less likely due to similarity to Ness), Sceptile for Pokémon and I don't know who else.

My hopes at the moment are for Sora, Isaac, and Popo. Any platformer hero is welcome, but these three are the guys that matter the most to me.



AlexSora89 commented on Nintendo Download: 26th November (Europe):

The discounts had better be huge, for huge games. I bought Super Mario 3D World for 40€ instead of 60 last year, but in that case, well, it's still Super Mario 3D World. I'm not sure of how many other games would be worth a small discount.



AlexSora89 commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):

Camelot making something again can only make me and @LasermasterA dream of a 3DS Golden Sun game, which would be a tremendously awesome swan song for the 3DS.

As for my own comment... well, I kinda called it. The announcement trailer, alongside any news during development, made the whole thing feel rushed to get people hyped for a Wii U game again. More Mario Tennis is always welcome, but this one entry in the series felt kinda empty from day one.



AlexSora89 commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

I feel bad for Sony fans then. I'm sure Bethesda blamed it on Sony in that case too, instead of, you know, working on a port.

With some downscaled graphics, the WiiU can handle any PS4 or Xbox One game. Too bad the Wii port of Dead Rising was so poorly received (and made), that was the right road to take.



AlexSora89 commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

Whoa, this is Bethesda all over again. And I've seen The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth on Youtube: NO WAY THE WIIU AND THE 3DS CAN'T PULL IT OFF.

It's a friggin' top-down 2D roguelike. Tyrone, YOU stop lying to yourself! And learn some humility for crying out loud!



AlexSora89 commented on Dementium Remastered Launches on the North Ame...:

I have a feeling a lot of stuff will be released on third December by now. I don't have a list, but I distinctly remember quite a few other stuff being announced for the same date. Here's hoping Cloud, Midgar and the Smash broadcast itself will drop by that very date.



AlexSora89 commented on This Handsome Infographic Shows Off All The Jo...:

Nice and all, but Square-Enix should mostly detail the Trance system. If we can play as the Dissidia cast, we'd like to know for how long, given Square implied they act as a summon mechanic of sorts, rather than full-fledged playable characters.



AlexSora89 commented on Nintendo Breaks Out the Bubbly Following More ...:

As a dude living in The Boot (ciao, @Randomname19) I have to say that the situation is pretty much that. If something can be pirated, it will. No exceptions. And after a brief decrease in piracy, with the DS's success the R4 was something just waiting to happen; when it did, pirating games became "easy" again. No wonder Nintendo had to fix things up in Italy. Still, it's kind of a moot point by now - the 3DS doesn't support flashcards (and will most likely get bricked if one is inserted in it, I don't know), and the with the DS craze over, so is the threat the R4 represents for Nintendo. Sure, there are R4s for the 3DS as well, but get real - you pretty much can't pirate anything with a console that updates its firmware on a whim due to "improved stability" (a wording that's become a source of snark all around here on NL, and rightfully so - it'd have been more respectable if Nintendo outright said "some means of piracy have been targeted and locked" instead of that bee-ess, but I digress... rhyme not intended), so that's like, as we say here in Italy, "locking the doors after the horse has run away".



AlexSora89 commented on Timing Of NX Launch Could Help Nintendo Grab S...:

Good article. Especially the "Ubisoft releases shovelware on Wii, and their actual games on HD consoles", because that's what happened. The Assassin's Creed franchise never surfaced on Nintendo home consoles until the WiiU; the only exception are the two AC games for the DS, but the DS's sales justified even the rare honor of receiving a GTA game (and even then, although the PSP was selling far worse than the DS, Rockstar went out of their way to be total suck-ups to Sony once more and port the game to the PSP... but that's another question entirely), so I doubt that counts as third-party support; it's more like third-party leeching, meaning "we can release even games from our primarily PS/XB franchises on a Nintendo consoles if it sells that well!".

Where was I going again with my comment?

... huh, yes. Ubisoft doing shoddy "for family fun (insert ones and exclamation marks here)" games on Wii, because "it's a Nintendo consoles, therefore kiddies", while HD consoles got their A-game. Yep.

On the WiiU the same happened, only worse. The premise was promising enough with ZombiU: man, imagine all the third-party support being like that! A pants-wettingly scary survival horror game, and an original IP to boot, to kick-start the console? And yet, other third-parties didn't get the hint. It's not the old Nintendo anymore, people. Gaming characters can bleed on a Nintendo console now. You can do mature stuff. And third-party support would have boosted the console sales the third-parties were wanting in the first place. And as a starting point, there's the Nintendo IPs' own userbase, who would have bought the console to begin with. But no, if they play Pokémon, they must be automatically kids. Of course.

Nintendo should get a new GTA game, one funded by them (example: just what happened with Bayonetta 2), as a launch title for NX. Now that would give a message. Maybe as a timed exclusive, of course, allowing the game to reach PS4 and Xbox One later (where it would "feel more at home", as a Rockstar higher-up would say while reading this comment). But GTA on a Nintendo home console... just think of what it would imply.

Sigh. I'm getting hyped over something that's highly unlikely to happen anytime soon.



AlexSora89 commented on Timing Of NX Launch Could Help Nintendo Grab S...:

Boy howdy, do I hope Square-Enix will support the NX right now. Mostly because their status as Sony supporters is legendary by now. Hopefully Cloud in Smash will be the first sign of a reborn partnership.

I'm hoping for this to happen so hard, because I want each of Pachter's harsh words towards Nintendo to blow up on his friggin' face.



AlexSora89 commented on Amazon Lists Pokémon Red, Yellow And Blue At ...:

... which is not much different from the PSOne Classics on the PlayStation Store: a Crash Bandicoot game, a Spyro game, a Tomb Raider game, or even a Disney Licensed Game from the nineties, will cost you five bucks/euros; Metal Gear Solid or any PS1 Final Fantasy game, on the other hand? That'll be a ten.

Still, it's not surprising. The most wanted GB games, and the ones they (perhaps intentionally?) got us waiting for the longest time... yep, ten bucks it is. Makes sense.

Except it really doesn't, again, on a hardware standpoint, considering the rather unfavourable comparison with the PS1 games, which charge players the same money Nintendo asks for a NES game. I know this seems rather harsh, coming from a (mostly) Nintendo fan, but alas, these are the facts.



AlexSora89 commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

I'm cool with Linkle. I mean, she's kind of a starting point already.
Then again, Pokémon, a younger franchise than the Zelda series, only took around seven years (give or take) to include a female player option; considering Link can be given a name in just about every Zelda game (thus making him a complete audience surrogate), this is kinda jarring.



AlexSora89 commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

Multitude, maybe not so much. But four or five? Entirely plausible! Returning veterans that got the shaft such as un-splittable Ice Climbers/Popo on his own, Wolf, or Snake would be a nice way to wrap things up, while a few surprises might show up as the often-asked for Shovel Knight, Shantae, Sora or, as I and @LasermasterA hope, Isaac from Golden Sun.

Also, I'm saying "four or five" due to the "perfect grid" theory demonstrated by Etika - by adding a few more characters, both the 3DS version and the WiiU version will get a perfect character grid.



AlexSora89 commented on Talking Point: The Latest Nintendo Direct Was ...:

There's a four-letter word that's been lurking my mind ever since the 2015 Smash Direct was confirmed.

That being, of course, "WHEN?!". If you were expecting a swear word, blame it on your dirty mind seriously, though... when is that Direct due? Last time we were promised something "in December" was when the GBA Ambassador games for 3DS came out in 2012, pretty much at the tail end of December. I just wish to know if I'll have to wait two weeks, a month, or a month and a half. Cloud managed to get me rather eager and hyped once again.



AlexSora89 commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

Do you have certain data about the Ballot and how Cloud (because someone certainly voted for him) was presumably ranking low in it? Since he was "nowhere to be seen in the polls", I took your comment as "nowhere to be seen in the ballot", which would be a huge relief for those hoping for more and more characters.

Still, I have a feeling we won't get "just" Cloud next month. I feel there's gonna be a returning veteran.



AlexSora89 commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

You should add Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded for the DS in your screenshot list. People tend to forget to mention that game due to the flak it got for being a supposedly "pointless" addition to the series, but in that game, Cloud was a party member.

Also, you should swap the Chain Of Memories screenshot with the last line of dialogue in that scene: Cloud's incredibly creepy "Big mistake.", his way to tell us he was going to wipe the floor with us. Still gives me shivers today.



AlexSora89 commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 12t...:

Cloud Strife, the Super Mario Maker web portal, Linkle's reveal, the generation one Pokémon games, Final Fantasy Explorers' gameplay feature known as "trance" and Dragon Quest VII+VIII coming out in the west were all highlights for me.

Off-topic: is anyone from France okay here? I've just heard of the terrorist attacks in Paris.



AlexSora89 commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

In a worst-case scenario (which of course I hope won't happen), at least Cloud - due to the very same superficial similarities - is a good stand-in for Isaac, though. They look similar, and they both represent JRPGs. Although, then again, Isaac would be a nice addition for this very reason: as Nintendo's own spiky-haired, blond, magical swordsman, once he gets in the game he'll be more likely to pop up in the sequels considering that, in Cloud's case, Nintendo would have to negotiate the rights again. Besides, I'm positive his absence as an Assist Trophy this time around - if anything - makes his character debut even more likely: here's hoping Sakurai will "pull a Little Mac" and upgrade Isaac as well, from Assist Trophy to full-fledged Smasher.

As for my statement regarding Cloud being a stand-in for Isaac in case the latter doesn't make it, though, I don't mean to dash your hopes, mind you: I'm ready to do the same in the case Sora doesn't make the cut! Even if Isaac makes it in instead of Sora, I will gladly settle with Cloud as Square's only rep (despite Sora's rights technically belonging to Disney, it's obvious Sora would represent Square as well).

Side note: I can't wait to see Cloud's character poster on the Smash website. I've been dreaming to see Mario and the others drawn by Tetsuya Nomura ever since the Mario Hoops 3-on-3/Mario Slam Basketball days, although a Yoshitaka Amano poster would be cool as well, in its own, weird way.

Take the Cloud criticism on this article, make it more vocal, a lot ruder, and you basically get the Cloud thread on Smashboards. Which reminds me to congratulate once again with @LasermasterA's reply in the thread's first page - he hasn't just been cool about it, he's been downright classy. And I wish I could say the same about anyone else there.