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Sat 17th Jul 2010

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alex167 commented on Nintendo Download: 28th May (North America):

Which Mega Man Battle Network is better: Red Sun or Blue Moon?

I was going to buy Splatoon but since we don´t have any discount like people in Europe i won´t. Besides in America the game is more expensive than Europe, so i'll save for Yoshy's woolly world



alex167 commented on Citizens of Earth Update Halves Wii U Load Tim...:

I don´t have the game because i was waiting for the patch, but according some people on miiverse who own the game some issues like freezing remain, so if those issues aren´t fix, i maybe won´t get this game, i prefer spend those 10$ on games like DK64 .



alex167 commented on North American Retailers Confirm Super Smash B...:

@Inkling i know that happens but besides that situation imagine if you have to buy it in a retailer that is not in your country, I´m not living in the US right now , so for me amiibo like Rosalina is extremely hard to find...i hope Nintendo changes this retail exclusives method



alex167 commented on Review: Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark (...:

@Shiryu What do you think about the game? On Nintendo website says you can play with over 40 characters and talk about multiplayer, so can you really play with over 40 Autobots/Decepticons? Does it have local multiplayer? I´m thinking about getting it due to the offer but i haven´t read anything good in any review, i like Transformers but i´m not sure about this game.



alex167 commented on Guide: Getting the Most out of Your amiibo wit...:

It's kind of disappointing that they can only be used only in smash modes, i think they could help in classic mode; i was going to buy Kirby and Yoshi, but due to the Spinner i'm going to buy Link and maybe Zelda. Can they be used in online battles ar least?



alex167 commented on LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham DLC Season Pass i...:

Before Lego games were great, what happened? I was going to buy this game at launch, but now since Wii U owners will have an incomplete game i think i´ll save that money for games like Bayonetta 2 where we´ll get 2 COMPLETE GAMES.



alex167 commented on Review: Mega Man Battle Network (Wii U eShop /...:

I never played this game but i watched the cartoon, i´d like to buy it but some people say it´s boring because it doesn´t have the action other Mega Man games have, i´ve heard it´s a Mega Man RPG game, so what do you say guys? besides i´d like to know if Mega Man can copy his enemies powers like previous games, thanks for your answers. BTW i haven´t read the review yet because i´m at work right now.



alex167 commented on Nintendo Updates Available Club Nintendo Rewar...:

I´m waiting if Nintendo fixes that error because there are people with the same error, no just with Zelda but Metroid too, the coins are taken, the download ticket sent, but codes don´t work on Wii Shop Channel.