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Fri 21st Sep 2012

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Alesandro1UP commented on Sony: Wii U Offering "Something That Vita and...:

Here's what similarities and differences both have. For one the ps3 & vita both have the technology where they pretty much could do the dual screen gameplay that the Wii U is capable of, & as we've all seen in NA adds, you could transfer gameplay from the tv to the system. Now here are the differences and the major selling point of the Wii U, in my own opinion. In order to push what's on playin on the tv from the ps3 to the vita you need the necessary cables & equipment which it's not cheap & they both need to be connected to the Internet & THAT right there is what sets them apart. The Wii U's tablet does that and much more right out of the box, without the need of other software and equipment & it's also something that the consumer could understand without the extra stuff. I really hope Sony sees that and makes this whole process much easier for game developers and consumers, cause the Wii U needs that, so that game developers develop games with the dual screen functuanilty in mind & future PS4 games would be a lot easier to port to Wii U & support for the system stays strong.