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Thu 27th Aug 2009

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AlbertX commented on Talking Point: The Limited Edition Battle With...:

If Nintendo keeps this stupid politic, Wii U will be my last Nintendo Console.

I have been with nintendo ever since the Game & and Watch (yes I am that Old), and I am feeling kind of stupid for still supporting them because is honestly like they don't care about their real fans.

If they don't care who buys their producto just that they sell all of them, what will happen is that less and less people will continue supporting Nintendo and at some point not even scalpers will buy anything from Nintendo because nobody care.

I am tired of stressing myself for the Amiibos, when Disney Infinity and Skylanders are so easy to buy (by the way I also collect Disney Infinity) and I collect them like buying one or 2 at month at my own speed without worries, with Amiibos I can't do the same.

I have to preorder on 4 or 5 differente places, and even then nothing is for shure, I got 3 preorders canceled even when I made them on december for the last wave.



AlbertX commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:

eh no thanks, I don't find any of these games really suitable for remake, maybe and just maybe mario 64.

I prefer the do a new Fzero game instead. and of course some kind of 2.5D metroid.

Thinking about old games, I would love to see a new Legend of Mystical Ninja game on the 3DS, the first one was so ahead of its time it was an amazing beautiful game, unfortunately we didn't get any of the sequels.

Come on Konami bring a new one to the 3DS



AlbertX commented on Amazon UK Delays Some Shulk Pre-Orders to Late...:

I preordered December 11, 3 amiibos canceled. shulk, Meta Knight and dedede it really sucks.

But that is not all, I had the preoder on the same data on they also canceled my order.

Good thing I went out and found a small store with all the amiibos and bought them.

This Amiibo thing is getting worst by the minute.



AlbertX commented on Unreal Famicom Games are... Well, Unreal:

Wow really amazing, to bad the site is a pain to watch the pictures.
I must say I really miss the days of cartridges, especially famicon ones (I had one in Venezuela) the art on the cartridge, like the SuperNes, I dont Know there was something cooler about it than putting a CD, DVD or Blu Ray on the system.



AlbertX commented on Review: Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (Vi...:

Oh my god!!! MEMORIES!!! this games is great!!! not really hard.

But in my mind nothing will ever beat Indiana Jones and the fate of antlantis!!! oh my god LucasArts what happened with you? now we get this all weird Tales from Monkey Island, with such horrendous graphics (its playable and all, but why not just 2D instead of bad 3D?)

Well good thing we still have this things to remember!!!



AlbertX commented on Wii Version of Madden NFL 10 Selling Poorly:

The problem is simply that is not a great game no matter what, that is all the game have bad graphics, even for wii, poor control, online suck (however that is more nintendos fault that wii friend code sucks) so what you expect? many people who have the wii also have a 360 or a ps3 so they better get that version