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Thu 27th August, 2009

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AlbertX commented on Unreal Famicom Games are... Well, Unreal:

Wow really amazing, to bad the site is a pain to watch the pictures.
I must say I really miss the days of cartridges, especially famicon ones (I had one in Venezuela) the art on the cartridge, like the SuperNes, I dont Know there was something cooler about it than putting a CD, DVD or Blu Ray on the system.



AlbertX commented on Review: Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (Vi...:

Oh my god!!! MEMORIES!!! this games is great!!! not really hard.

But in my mind nothing will ever beat Indiana Jones and the fate of antlantis!!! oh my god LucasArts what happened with you? now we get this all weird Tales from Monkey Island, with such horrendous graphics (its playable and all, but why not just 2D instead of bad 3D?)

Well good thing we still have this things to remember!!!



AlbertX commented on Wii Version of Madden NFL 10 Selling Poorly:

The problem is simply that is not a great game no matter what, that is all the game have bad graphics, even for wii, poor control, online suck (however that is more nintendos fault that wii friend code sucks) so what you expect? many people who have the wii also have a 360 or a ps3 so they better get that version