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Fri 18th Jun 2010

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AlbedoAtoned commented on Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (WiiWare):

Wow, a lot of people are getting butt hurt over the graphics. i played it and I saw nothing wrong, but then again I am not a graphic whore (don't really care about the graphics). Of course the graphics are worse when stretched. the only thing they might have done better is add super sai filtering. Ever played a gameboy player? How about emulated gba on the wii? It turns out that anytime you stretch a game to a bigger screen it becomes graphically inferior, but it doesn't matter as long as the graphics don't gauge your eyes out. Very unlikely unless your that new breed of graphic whores that trash gameplay and story in favor of graphics.

First focus on Capcom's goal. To introduce new players to Phoenix wright. Some may have a ds, but have overlooked PW in favor of more critically acclaimed titles. They may be more likely to buy it at $11 then $25. Others may not have a ds and I think this is a great way to become acquainted with the series. I actually am relieved that the wiiware version is faithful and doesn't just have a bunch of wiimote movements tacked on.
Unless the game was a complete remake I wouldn't want little subtle changes. Enhancing a game just to entice gamers to rebuy a game for pretty graphics on a tv to me would be dishonest. As a comment on the second game review said:

"This version is a very cheap reprint (both to Capcom and the consumer) and should be favoured over spending at least $20 on eBay etc. Sure Capcom could have spent 6 months re-doing everything but the budget that would take (as well as WiiWare space limitations to consider) isn't going to be worth a few thousand extra sales of fans salivating over Phoenix Wright in Standard Definition."

Also I was wondering. Why do you review so many bad games (in your opinion) Most of the game reviews by you I saw were 5/10 or less with TV Show King and Some bug game being 8/10.