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Mon 25th Oct 2010

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Al3xand3r commented on Review: Sengoku BASARA Samurai Heroes (Wii):

Why do you keep mentioning your reviews? Nobody cares about your reviews. We were just discussing opinions. And you were all like, yeah ok feel free to prefer Basara over Warriors but just so you know Warriors > Basara or whatever , as if your reviews or your opinion makes it a fact. Newsflash: it doesn't. Before you came along pushing your opinion of Warriors' superiority as fact or pretending that this review proves anything factual I was just describing my experiences with the games without putting anything down other than saying I was disappointed by SW3 and then focusing on what I thought of SB3. Apparently that was too much for you to handle so you had to jump in every time someone said something positive for Basara 3 trying to convince the world they're wrong and you're right. And I never called you a fanboy or anything else. You prefer Warriors, good for you, not everyone agrees, the reviews of the two games on this site don't reflect an agreement either considering they're from different people, and you can feel free to get over these facts.



Al3xand3r commented on Review: Sengoku BASARA Samurai Heroes (Wii):

As for the review, different people reviewed SW3 and SB3 here. It's likely Aaron isn't a delusional SW3 fanboy (although SW3's score is really too high considering undeniable flaws) and would rate SB3 at least as good. It's also likely Trevor here would rate SW3 even worse than SB3 as he just doesn't seem to appreciate that type of gameplay and most of his complaints would apply just as well to both games (although many aren't even really valid at all as discussed already). So don't pretend that because SW3 has a better score on this site it proves it's the better game considering the circumstances. Attempting that just shows you don't care for a rational discussion and I've been wasiting my time here but whatever, the other side had to be heard as well. Bye.



Al3xand3r commented on Review: Sengoku BASARA Samurai Heroes (Wii):

Better gameplay? That has to be a joke.

Tactical decisions? Also a joke. You just move your character back and forth between the areas it wants you to or fail because your completely useless generals can't defend against 10 crappy mobs for 30 seconds. There's no choice, you do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. That's not a tactical decision, just an exercise in turning your character into a table tennis ball.

More modes? Yes, it does have them, but many of them, like Murasame Castle mode (where does that fit in your history btw?) suck with level layouts, magical traps, and enemies that constantly stunlock you if your chosen character isn't lucky enough to have actually good special moves without needing an 8 hit combo to enable them. The bosses are also boring to fight as even though all the characters have unrealistic specials and , none have actually interesting moves as in SB3.

The characters aren't authentic at all, maybe you should look up the history in question before spitting on it by claiming anything in SW3 outside the names of characters and battlefields and who fights who (at least in historic mode, not the main story mode which also changes everything up like SB3 does, since your character in the end has to win regardless of history) is anything close to reality, just because you find it cool.

The characters have human motives in SB3 as well. They just want this or that (some vendetta, peace, to unite Japan, whatever else) and to achieve it ally with or destroy this or that other guy/gal depending on your choices. The motives are of no different type between the two games.

The controls in SW3 are also far worse with really lame camera movement and very imprecise character movement (even though it later requires precision for platforming sections). It also keeps throwing crappy gameplay mechanics like the "stealth" level that are neither interesting nor challenging and just pad the gameplay bullet points for people like you. I won't even bother commenting on the horse controls.

You just seem to have a beef with SB3 seemingly without having experienced it, or at least without playing it for what it is, a damn fun brawler with excellent style and aesthetics, just deciding that because it's not an exact SW3 copy cat with the exact same control quirks then it's .

I played both from a clean slate and SB3 is far superior despite the lack of characters as at least most of them are balanced and effective compared to each other unlike SW3 where many get some awesome moves for their 3-4 hit combos and others only get the good moves after 7 or 8 normal hits which is just tedious to do every single time you want that special and with a ton of enemies around you ready to stunlock you on the harder difficulties or the suckier modes.

They even had the nerve to advertise online multiplayer (in the West) yet restrict it to the worst mode of all, Murasame Castle mode. That's the best trolling from a developer that I've seen to date. A huge, huge shame and waste considering it works really smoothly yet most of the levels in that mode suck. Maybe I'd forgive some of its flaws over SB3 if it allowed online multiplayer in the main modes.



Al3xand3r commented on Review: Sengoku BASARA Samurai Heroes (Wii):

I was on the fence after being disappointed by Samurai Warriors 3 (so you wouldn't say I'm a big fan of this type of game) but decided to get it anyway and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

The engine is pretty nice, I wonder if Capcom will use it for other games. The level layouts are set up a lot like Monster Hunter 3, larger areas connected with smaller paths, except there's no loading within the same level, it's seamless. There is some pop in of scenery but it's usually not noticable with the way the levels twist and turn and with all the action.

There can be tons of enemies on screen, although graphically they're not great, only the main characters and bosses look really good up close, but again you don't notice it with all the attack effects and how many they are and how they get knocked back or start running panicked when you destroy their leaders and installations. There is some pop in for enemies but it's also usually not annoyingly noticable. It has enemies spawning from certain areas and enemies that are invisible until you get close but I guess that's a design choice and doesn't qualify as pop in. Overall it's not as detailed as Monster Hunter 3 but it looks pretty sharp and cool with some beautiful levels, vistas and moments.

The gameplay's pretty simple and more straightforward than Samurai Warriors 3 where you can fail later missions easy by not meeting certain goals or having allies defeated. Here you mostly just fail if you die or in a couple of specific scenarios if you fail to defend an area. You tend to just move from area to area destroying an enemy installation in each to take it over, then once you do it to enough some extra path will open and allow access to the area boss. There are variations to that like levels where a boss constantly reappears while you do the same thing until the final showdown, or optional side objectives and things like that. There are many enemy types both melee and ranged to spice things up.

You still only have two attack buttons as in Samurai Warriors 3 but then also get like 5 special moves and a super move and stuff which you can combine to rack up tons and tons of hits as you mow down crowds. 1000 hit combos are common. The difference is that here you can choose when to do any special, while in Samurai Warriors 3 the special move was the ending hit to a normal attack combo, so you had to do like say 7 attacks then a strong attack to get a particular special, which to me felt more repetitive.

The characters I tried so far were varied, Masamune and Magoichi, the former using swords and the latter guns. Their specials were very different as well, for example Magoichi could switch to a shotgun for some specials, and would then keep using the shotgun for normal attacks until you did a special that used the pistol. The same thing for a machinegun. Masamune on the other hand had more straightforward hacking attacks but could also activate a mode where he had all 6 swords out at the same time (like samurai Wolverine) but then could not block. You use the same button combinations for all the characters but they feel different.

There are also branching paths in the storylines so replaying them still shows you some new things, and sometimes it opens up an additional path after completing it once with that character.

Basically it's much more polished and stylish than Samurai Warriors 3 in everything, from the controls and character abilities to the visuals, but the levels have much simpler objectives. Although an earlier comment here did a good job explaining the variety you can find within the levels, which is cool.

I forgot to mention you can level up your character as well as one ally you can choose to take with you (you can choose between many different later with their own bonuses), acquire new weapons with their own stats and various accessories to attach to them for bonuses, and even craft more accessories with materials you earn in the battles, so you constantly feel your character improving as you play. Also any ally and accessory you unlock in one character's campaign you can use with any other character, although their starting weapons will be weaker and have less accessory slots so you'll still need to level up for each character's max potential.

There are no motion controls outside shaking the remote to activate a special power. There's no lock on so in the beginning it seems hard to hit where you want but you get used to it soon enough, with the reach your attacks have it's nowhere near as hard as Monster Hunter 3's gameplay. Or hard at all. Often you won't bother moving the camera and just attack enemies on and off screen.

Although on easy and normal even the bosses are pushovers, on hard it was pretty easy to die by wandering chief mobs for me so there's either room for skillful play or you're supposed to level up your characters to the max before playing that. Probably a mix of both, and a bit of strategy on when to use the health items in the levels and when to use your special move as you don't want to end up fighting a boss without it and no mobs left to combo and gain more, or end up with a sliver of health and all the health items in the level already used up. I find it hard to believe that hard mode was a walk in the park for any newcomer. I don't shy away from hard games either, for example I mentioned MH3 a lot here because I love it and have put many hours into it.

Anyway, it's fun, if you can get into the crazy fantasy historical theme or at least like such Eastern aesthetics you will probably enjoy it, the gameplay's no worse than something like No More Heroes really, it just lacks Suda's craze and gore and replaces it with this distinct Japanese cheese flavor.