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United Kingdom

Mon 21st Feb 2011

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AirCop commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii):

To anyone worrying about the length of the quest - don't.

I've got 42 hours on my save file - that's playing at a reasonable pace, journey to 1st Temple, 1st Temple, Hour or so of side-quests, journey to 2nd Temple, etc.

I'm now near the end (hard to say exactly how close, but the final acts are close to playing out), so should have it all wrapped up, and maybe 100%, in about 50 hours.

That should be enough for anyone.

The game has not put a foot wrong, graphically, or in terms of the game play, in the previous 42 hours, and I'm not expecting it to, in the several that remain.

So relax, you are in the hands of experts, indeed of craftsmen, as the reviewer put it. It looks, sounds, and plays brilliantly.