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Male, 39, United States

I am a long time Nintendo fan who started off with a game & watch handheld in the early 1980s, before the Famicom/NES came out. I have followed Nintendo since and remain a loyal fan.

Thu 5th Dec 2013

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Agent721 commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

The fact that NL has to put out this editorial shows how many blind fan boys there still are out there. I love Nintendo but this year has not been a good one, except for a hand full of games. Mario Maker is a gem that does help salvage the year, which overall has been disappointing. The Xbox One gets fired up much more than the Wii U in my house and given the games slated to come out, I foresee that continuing for a while.

I am looking forward to the Twighlight Princess remake, the F-Zero looking racer coming out via download and I hope the NX blows us out of the water. I've never played Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, but hopefully the Wii U sequel will kick butt.

I will say for those who don't yet have a Wii U, its a great time to buy given all the good existing games.



Agent721 commented on Reaction: Nintendo's First Mobile App, Miitomo...:

I get your point, mine is, if I want to take a 10 minute break at the office, it's much easier & simpler to pull out my phone, then it would having to carry another device. And cheaper! I shouldn't have to plop down more money to play games that could be played on another device. There is no shame in gaming at all, and everyone who knows me personally knows I am a big gaming advocate, but at my job, in the work office, it would be much easier (and more discreet) to have the games on the cell phone. No one can see what Im doing, for all they know I'm checking email. I'm answering you from the job now, If I had to pull out the 3DS to answer you, I simply could not. It's about discretion...and gaming on the sly!!



Agent721 commented on Reaction: Nintendo's First Mobile App, Miitomo...:

Untrue. Some of us are older, and can't carry a portable video game to work. However, we do have our cellphones with us. Many us would download and play Nintendo's classic games if they were available. In fact, I'd bet a ton of older gamers would buy some of the games in a heartbeat. I known people who have had hacked copies of Dr. Mario, Zelda and other NES games on their phones and they look great, played great and the people who had them, showed them off all the time, to a rather jealous crowd of friends. Who wouldn't want to play Donkey Kong on their cell phone? Or Mario Bros? They're games from the old arcade era, quick tidbits of gaming, that would kill on a cell phone.

I work in high finance, in private equity, and I would look like a fool carrying around a 3DS to work. Image matters at certain places of work, especially in certain fields. Not everyone who plays Nintendo is still in school and some of us would like to see their games on the cell phone.



Agent721 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Delays With My Ninte...:

Lets hope the delay brings something actually worth getting into. Having Club Nintendo linked to other accounts is something everyone else has been doing for years and will not sell systems beyond those already into Nintendo. That's just administrative type items, not exactly anything revolutionary.

The phone app/game looks terribly unappealing. I hope the Big N has something great planned for the NX, because thus far, the news were getting does nothing to reverse Nintendo's current sad position in the world of video games.



Agent721 commented on Reaction: Nintendo's First Mobile App, Miitomo...:

I'd disagree. Paul Tassi of Forbes Magazine has a column out this morning discussing exactly how I feel & says it very well, I recommend reading it. I don't believe anyone is looking for a Mii game, but games that instead have Mario, Link & Donkey Kong....What Nintendo is known for. While Miis are cute, I just don't see anyone looking to play a social game with them.



Agent721 commented on Nintendo Shares Suffer Major Drop as Investors...:

The investors are right on. Why would you leave capital planted with Nintendo, when they're billions of other investment opportunities in the world? The point of investing is to make money. As an investor myself, I can tell you Nintendo is way off base on this. Only Wii U & 3DS owners will have any interest & of those, I expect the vast majority to pass. This product looks utterly lame. As a Nintendo fan, I am absolutely shocked THIS is their first "game". It's a joke.



Agent721 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Share Prices Return to...:

Global markets are up over the past few days, as the US missed its employment growth target, leaving investor's to believe the world's largest economy is catching a cold. This was then assumed to lead to stimulus worldwide by Sovereign Banks, in order to simulate global economic growth. I have stocks that have popped over 10% as a result, with no noticeable news, in just the past 3 days.

Nintendo Life should stick to grading the games of Nintendo & the overall gaming market, and should leave the stock market alone. You will get egg on your face, you are clearly not experts. In reverse, I wouldn't want CNBC to start reviewing videogames either! Stick to your strengths, the great video game reviews and analysis you typically provide.



Agent721 commented on Talking Point: Why Does Investor Confidence in...:

Nintendo is in a show me state. Until investors have an idea as to what they're doing in the future, the stock will go sideways to down. Investors want a jolt, yet nothing has come. I invest a ton, including in different video game makers in the past, but I wouldn't invest in Nintendo right now. There's zero catalyst for earnings growth & zero certainty as to when that might change.



Agent721 commented on Editorial: Nintendo is a Toy Company, and That...:


Thanks! Yup, even us "old" fans can continue enjoying them! Hopefully you & your partner can find a game you enjoy together. Maybe the little one cab help in that fashion, by starting to play games with her.

I'm getting married next year, but luckily my fiance, who's 34, is a big Nintendo fan. I live in L.A. & out here, tons of middle aged folks play games, so there's no real stigma associated with it. Games are like movies, just a more interactive sort of media...At least that's how I see them.

Cheers to you! Keep on gaming!



Agent721 commented on Editorial: Nintendo is a Toy Company, and That...:

Great analysis. If Nintendo is seen as toy company, so what? I'm a 39 year old who owns 25 amiibos, with three more on the way with the classic 3-pack with Duck Hunt, etc... I am proud to play with them, as they are great fun in the games and simply a blast to collect. I am not ashamed of what brings me joy.

I recently took an entire day off work just to get the 8 bit amiibo and mario maker. And what a great day it was! I felt like I was 12 again, and that is not a bad thing when the rest of my life involves being a serious adult.

Outside of the gaming world, I am a 39 year old Private Equity worker, who works in high finance. I am very well educated and make a ton of money, which I am not ashamed of. I earned that money. And with that money, I do the things I like, including playing the Big N's games, because it reminds me of being a kid, at a time before bills, before stress...before real life, where you could be taken away by simple graphics on a screen.

I treasure that experience and always will. Nintendo can be defined any way we want, but being a toy company is certainly not a bad thing, when the joy they bring is immeasurable and last now for generations.

I also own an Xbone, two PS3s, a 360 and countless generations of Nintendo consoles, all the way back to the G&W series. The line between gaming and toys is a very fine one, which Nintendo has historically succeeded at immensely. I expect those days to come back again, but in what way, that we do not know, but I trust Nintendo to make it fun, whatever it is.



Agent721 commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

Sad, sad, sad, but the line up does look pretty weak. I'm not sure Starfox would've save Xmas anyways, its not a big brand with the general public.

The Xbone and PS4 have much stronger lineups for sure, with FIFA, COD, Star Wars Battlefront and many others out. The batman game that just came out is awesome and so is Forza 6, by far the best racing simulator I've ever played.

That being said, I enjoy my Wii U immensely and I look forward to playing games I haven't yet tried out. Mario Maker is a revolution waiting to happen, in terms of doing this to other games...Zelda, Metroid, and perhaps some licensing from Konami for Castlevania, could give us other successful maker type games.



Agent721 commented on More Than A Million Super Mario Maker Levels H...:

I love this game. I'm already at nine uploaded levels & I plan on adding more tonight. I've got about a dozen stars, with one of my levels being played over a hundred times. People are (rightfully so) stingy with their stars!!!



Agent721 commented on Book Review: The Unofficial Game & Watch Colle...:

Just ordered the hard back. I love G&W, as they, along with a 2600, we're my first exposure to gaming, outside the arcade, in the early 80s. Playing them now is like going through an awesome videogame museum, both in hardware & software. Thanks for bringing this book to our attention, NL!



Agent721 commented on Mario History: Super Mario Land - 1989:

Nope, plays game boy games as well. I'm talking about the adapter that attaches to the bottom of the cube. It plays GBA & regular, OG, game boy games. I literally just played the game. It even plays them in more colors than what the Gameboy used to put out.



Agent721 commented on Mario History: Super Mario Land - 1989:

I never played this, but my fiancée still has her copy and I have the GBA player for the GCN, so it'll be a treat to look forward too. I love how Nintendo games keep working, decade after decade...there's always something you missed, that is new to uncover, today. Who doesn't love some brand new, Nostalgia?!



Agent721 commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros. 2 - 1988:

I loved the dream ending sequence at the end of this game. This was a great Mario game, one that changed the formula and did it well. I remember playing this right when it came out with all my friends, and for years after its release. It's not the best Mario, but it's certainly a unique classic.



Agent721 commented on Wii U Squeezes Past 10 Million Lifetime Sales ...:


Expectations are low, but the sales trend is growing and positive. The Wii U will never be the PS4 sales wise, but I do enjoy mine quite a bit. Truth be told, I own all the consoles, except the PS4! I maybe in the minority, but I believe the games are better on the Wii U and the Xbox One, and both are an overall much better value. There's no exclusive I would want to play currently on the PS4...perhaps No Man's Sky will change that.



Agent721 commented on Wii U Squeezes Past 10 Million Lifetime Sales ...:

I am glad to see the Wii U finally cross the 10 million mark. Its only a psychological figure, but it is important to reach that mark. Bravo to Splatoon...I thought it would be a flop, but I am glad I was wrong! Still haven't played it...I'm more into hardcore shooters, but I will admit my interest is a bit more peaked given how much everyone enjoys it.



Agent721 commented on Say Hello To What Could Be The Most Obscure Pi...:


The Nintendo helpline cost no more than a long distance call. Nintendo didn't charge anything. I called well over a dozen times in the 80s & never had any marketing questions either. Where are your getting your info?! Nintendo did some things like purposely hold back game supply to make the appearance of demand seem great, but I called the phone line all the time, and what you say is not true.



Agent721 commented on Analogue Nt Starts Shipping To Buyers, Pitched...:


I ordered one of these the day they announced it. They kept delaying it, over and over again, but never missed a deadline to let us know what was up.

They're also very friendly via customer service. The wait was too long, but much like a game rushed out to meet a sales date, that ends up sucking, I am glad they took the time to do it right. I prefer a delay that serves to deliver a high quality product, then a mediocre product that doesn't meet it's aspirations.



Agent721 commented on Analogue Nt Starts Shipping To Buyers, Pitched...:

I bought one the day it was announced & I'm trying it out this weekend, as I received it yesterday. I've played it just a tad thus far, but from the little I saw it looks very good. As far as price, this is a luxury item intended for those with disposable income. I know it's expensive, but I have worked hard all my life to be able to afford whatever I want & it is a small reward, for a lifetime of hard work. I work in Private Equity. Some people buy cars...I buy video games.

It uses all original parts, the shell is well made & quiet heavy, and overall, it feels like a really good product...super luxury! I currently use an NES-2, prior to this, and the picture quality is much better than that, due to the RF only output of that particular model. However, it plays Famicom games, which the NES-1 doesn't. This console plays it all, Famicom or NES, and gives you a ton of video output options.

I'll give my thoughts on it after this weekend. What I am most excited about is the ability to plug in the original Famicom disc system to it & play the original Zelda, as it was intended. Can Nintendo Life test this function? I do not have the famicom disc system, yet, but plan on getting one.

For a lifelong Nintendo fanatic, this feels like the Rolls Royce of NES. Sometimes, you just need to treat yourself, price be damned.



Agent721 commented on Tablets Stole The Wii U's Thunder, Laments Shi...:

I'll add that lauching the Wii U with 3rd party games that were 6 to 18 months old, and expecting consumers to get excited about that, was a very poorly thought out launch idea. It contributed to the consumer lack of interest after the Xmas launch and in a vicious cycle, helped seal the deal for ever less 3rd party titles down the road. You contribute this problem with ZERO sports games of any value and you have left out a sizable chunk of the gaming population from the Wii U.



Agent721 commented on Review: Metal Marines (Wii U eShop / Super Nin...:

I love strategy games, this one is right up my alley...but I think I might try to procur the original SNES cartridge. My favorite strategy game from the SNES era is Aerobiz, an airline simulator. Anyone remember that one??