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Adamario commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):

It's pretty ridic that this costs more than Captain Toad (which clearly has way more content).

"It's worth slogging through 50 knockout matches to get a fully beefed up amiibo if you fancy some online doubles, though the figures can't be used in any other offline modes."

Wait, you can't even use amiibo in local multiplayer?



Adamario commented on Video: Watch What Happens When Reggie and Bill...:

"Who" is exclusively for humans (or non-human sapient beings), "Which" is exclusively for objects (though it was more flexible in the past — the hymn Holy, Holy, Holy uses "which wert and art and evermore shalt be" to refer to God), and "That" can be used for either.



Adamario commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

Censorship is when the government does it, you guys. This is not censorship, this is Nintendo choosing on their own to make games that are less embarrassing to play in front of your family, and I for one am totally here for that.



Adamario commented on Preview: Crossing Over With Mario & Luigi: Pap...:

I'm holding off on this until I hear if it has an actual Mario RPG-caliber story with actual characters and settings — all I'm seeing is Goombas and Toads in a plain grassy field. At this point in Dream Team's prerelease era, we'd already seen a variety of unique settings and original enemies and a new villain and references to previous Mario RPGs with Beanish and Hoohooligan characters. If Nintendo's killed off both Mario RPG serieses, I'm gonna be really pissed.

The potential of two Bowsers with dialogue is definitely promising, but after Sticker Star, I'm not letting myself get my hopes up for a Mario RPG again.



Adamario commented on Pokémon Red, Blue & Yellow Are Coming To The ...:

From what I understand, Link Cable emulation is really hard to get working reliably. So did they figure out how to emulate it, raising the question of why they never bothered doing that in the first four years of Game Boy Virtual Console games (or even unlocking the characters and courses locked behind the Transfer Pak in the GBC and N64 VC versions of Mario Golf and Tennis), or are they reprogramming the games, raising the question of why they aren't adding Pokemon Bank integration while they're at it?



Adamario commented on The Super Mario Maker Update Has Cleared Up So...:

Why patch these? None of these glitches are something you can accidentally stumble on that adversely affects your gameplay experience (something that does fit that description is getting stuck off the top of the screen because someone used a semisolid platform as a backdrop). If someone designed a level where they intended for you to ride a giant Kuribo Stiletto through some gauntlet of enemies to hit a P-switch and run back, not realizing that you could ground pound through the blocks and skip all that, that's basically the same thing. Yeah, it's kind of annoying that people could make levels requiring you to use the invincibility glitch, but now there are levels uploaded that are actually completely impossible. And there were some really creative levels that used the invisible blocks; it's a shame to lose those.



Adamario commented on Video: Just Who Exactly is Miitomo Designed for?:

I'm always interested in Nintendo's more outlandish Nintendo-y stuff like this, but they really should have showed an actual game along with it. They kept saying "No, we're never making mobile games, but maybe we'll make an app where you make a Mii" and then they said "Okay, yeah, we'll make some mobile games" and then there's all the lead-up to them showing their first mobile game, and their first mobile game turns out to just be the Mii thing they said they were making instead of games — and also it's been delayed again, to now almost two years after its original projected release window, in a market that changes dramatically in two years — yeah, that's gonna shake your investors' confidence.



Adamario commented on Super Mario Maker Developers Share Details on ...:

There actually is more than aesthetics to the amiibo costumes - they give you Super Mario status (break blocks, take an extra hit) while being the height of Small Mario. That can be really critical for puzzle design.



Adamario commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

The game wouldn't've gotten an AO rating for this, but it's really creepy. Also creepy: the people in this thread complaining about how the "feminazis" don't want them jerking off to twelve-year-olds.

I mean, do you realize that by invoking Nazism here, you're saying that being against pedophilia is comparable with committing genocide? Do you realize that Nazis were and are an actual thing, not just a rhetorical device to use against anyone you don't like?



Adamario commented on Miitomo, Nintendo's First Smartphone Game, Is ...:

So the big reveal is that they're making the thing they said they were gonna make a year ago?

"Iwata also outlined an application which uses Mii characters in smartphones and tablets, and revealed that the app will launch next year, rather than 2014 as previously planned"

"In the past, I have opposed making smartphone and tablet versions of Nintendo titles. Prices for content aimed at smartphones and tablets are falling quickly. I am still wary of the category. We intend to develop products that will allow customers to identify with Nintendo products and make people pay attention to Nintendo games. For example, some Nintendo game consoles incorporate Mii, which creates a digital avatar to represent players. It would be fun for players to use their Mii characters as icons on social media. We are currently developing an application that will allow users to do that. The app will be announced around the time our full-year results are released."

This is the thing we already knew about from before they were even going to make smartphone games, and now it's getting delayed for a second time?



Adamario commented on Sega: Recent Sonic Games Haven't Been "Accepta...:

I mean, they've had over 16 years to do this now (more if you count the Saturn). 2D Sonic had more good games in its first four years than 3D Sonic has had ever, and they've been doing 3D Sonic since before most Sonic fans today were born. And all that time, good 2D Sonics were still coming out until a few years ago. Sonic Advance was fully worthy of being called Sonic 4 (the actual Sonic 4 wasn't). And the last two good 3D Sonics both relied heavily on 2D segments. Maybe it's time to admit 3D Sonic just doesn't work.

It's not possible for a franchise to seamlessly transition from 2D to 3D; you have to come up with something new. Mario 64 is a completely different kind of game than Super Mario Bros, and Nintendo didn't even try to reconcile the two types of Mario until 3D Land. Mario 64 worked because it was fun to control and because Nintendo fans were already used to Mario doing new things, but it still created a split in the fanbase between the people who love what 3D Land and 3D World did to bring them more in line with the 2D games, and the ones who want a Galaxy sequel that's actually Banjo-Threeie.

Meanwhile, Sonic games have been wandering aimlessly for 16 years now (closer to 20 if you include the time between S3&K and Adventure) — Sonic Adventure was a throw-everything-at-the-wall project like Mario 64 had been, and Adventure 2 was a refinement of the good parts of Adventure 1 that improved on it in every way, but ever since then, they've been trying to listen to and please every faction of a hugely fractured fanbase. Some people had nostalgia for the hub world in Adventure 1 so they brought it back in 06; some people liked Ow the Edge so they had to have vehicle segments, some people liked the story so they had to make it even more convoluted and make the cutscenes even more expensive — and what Sega misses is that what the different factions are asking for are just whatever they remember from the Sonic game they played when they were 10 years old (and with 16 years of 3D Sonics, that's a lot of years for kids to turn 10 in), and then inevitably it isn't going to live up to their rose-tinted memories of the first time they ever played a game like that and there was still wonder in the world (the FF7 effect) and everyone will be disappointed.



Adamario commented on Analysts Talk About Nintendo's Upcoming Mobile...:

Remember Reggie's speech where he talked about how no one knows anyone who's never seen a movie or read a book, but we all know someone who's never played a video game? and how the Wii and DS were supposed to change that by making video games a mass medium that everyone of all ages experiences? Yeah, that actually ended up happening through Facebook and smartphones instead. That's the audience that Nintendo's going to focus on with mobile, which is why they've said their dedicated game consoles are more focused on core gamers going forward.

It'll be interesting to see if they can find their niche there, since so much of the Touch Generations-type stuff on Wii and DS was stuff that's already available from lots of other sources on mobile (100 Classic Books, Brain Age, Nintendogs, Personal Trainer: Cooking/Walking, Clubhouse Games). A lot of the DS's success (and, to a lesser extent, all handheld consoles before) had to do with smartphones not being invented yet. So do they just keep doing that stuff but with Nintendo quality? I could see them putting out a Clubhouse Games on mobile — free to start, maybe a Wii Sports Club-style pricing model, and overall nothing that really makes it look Nintendo-y other than it's fun and it's polished and it doesn't have obnoxious ads. I could definitely see them doing Nintendogs on mobile, and I'd be pretty surprised if they didn't do a Personal Trainer: Walking / Wii Fit successor. The problem they'd have to deal with there is that on the DS, all that stuff was unique by default; on mobile phones right now, there's a huge amount of competition in that area (and all areas, really). High quality and polish might not be enough to make their games and/or apps stand out.



Adamario commented on Nintendo Marks Back To The Future's 30th By Re...:

@XCWarrior ...Really? The Wii Zapper is just a plastic thing you put the remote and nunchuck into. The only games that aren't "compatible" with it are ones that require you to move the remote and the nunchuck independently (and even then you could just hold the nunchuck separately)

@AlexSora89 I mean, this Wednesday is actually the exact date that the movie takes place on, so yeah, that's pretty notable.



Adamario commented on Super Smash Bros. 'Digital Complete Pack' Comb...:

So obviously you can't directly compare Smash characters to Mario Kart characters, but I think comparing Smash characters to Mario Kart tracks is a pretty fair comparison — they're the main draw of the whole thing and require the most testing and balancing and animation and artwork. $20 to add four characters to a game with 50+ characters vs. $12 to add 16 tracks to a game with 32 tracks — Mario Kart DLC is clearly a way better value. Add on top of that that Smash charges for Mii costumes, which were something you just got for having an amiibo in Mario Kart (and also until tourneys were added, there was no way to use Mii costumes online with strangers, so you couldn't even show off that you bought them).

But yeah, the worst part here is that if you buy both of these complete editions, you'll pay significantly more than if you just bought both games at MSRP and then bought all the DLC at the WiiU+3DS bundle pricing. The least they could do is have a double complete pack for about $149.99.



Adamario commented on Editorial: A Wii U Price Cut is Still Worthwhi...:

Whether the Gamepad was a good choice or not in the first place, removing it now, three years into the console's life, would be stupid. Take away the Gamepad and you lose Mario Maker and Splatoon, which are easily the best games on the console (Smash and Mario Kart are really good at being better versions of games that you could just play on the Wii, 3DS, or Gamecube; Mario Maker and Splatoon don't exist anywhere else), you lose amiibos (one of the most financially successful things Nintendo's ever done), and you lose off-TV play in everything else. Take away the Gamepad and the Wii U is just a last-gen console without games. If someone wants a cheap console with the power of a PS3 in 2015, they'll buy a PS3.



Adamario commented on Nintendo Attempts to Show the Fun Side of Anim...:

Two things:

  • Was that a little bit of actual gameplay? Why is this the first time we've seen that? This is the first time I've seen anything to contradict the notion that it's "Mario Party but with no minigames." If it actually does have minigames, they should have shown that at E3.
  • Was it ever actually confirmed that the game is free? Because I know I assumed for a long time that Happy Home Designer was going to be a free download with all the money coming from buying the cards, but then it turned out to be $40 (which is a bit ridiculous considering it's just a more convenient form of one part of New Leaf, made almost entirely with recycled assets from New Leaf, which was $35 when it came out three years ago), so I'm gonna assume this is $60 until I see the official Nintendo announcement.


Adamario commented on Hands On: Digging Deeper With Shovel Knight: P...:

@Clamango Actually a bit of a grey area here - "The switch to Plague Knight effects several mechanics being replaced with new ones" would be proper grammar, and you could argue that "The switch to Plague Knight effects the character you play as" is too. Effect can be a verb (Affect can also be a noun, though that's a bit rarer).



Adamario commented on New Nintendo Controller Patent Features Rotati...:

I'm pretty sure I remember this being in one of the Revolution controller mockups on 4colorrebellion 10 years ago.

...found it!
Near the bottom of the page; number 23 in Revolution Controller Mockups. Or here's the link right to the picture:

I always thought that was a pretty cool idea. Get the amount of clickiness on them right and it could work really well.



Adamario commented on Review: Kirby's Dream Course (Wii U eShop / Su...:

The two-player controls are exactly same as every other Wii U VC game! If you want to use the GamePad, go to the VC menu, set it to Player 2 and keep it there; then use a remote or Pro Controller as Player 1. Or use two remotes and/or Pro Controllers and put the GamePad aside.