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Sun 21st Feb 2010

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AdamLikesYou commented on JellyCar 2:

I believe Disney owns this one but not the first one.

Every time Nintendo lets an old, sub par iPhone game onto DSiware at an unreasonably inflated cost, they bring shame onto their family for 3 generations and I cry a little inside. If there is any proof that Nintendo no longer cares that much about the DSi Shop, this is it. Apple, I'm sure, is just eating this right up. Nintendo's press announcements should read, "DSi gets another unimpressive game 3 years after the iPhone at 5 times the price!"



AdamLikesYou commented on Review: Metal Torrent (DSiWare):

"I probably won't have any until Nintendo steps ups and offers us a solution to transfer these (and Wii's) purchase games between different consoles."

Riiiight... because they haven't had enough time to "fix" this issue for the Wii already. The only reason they even released black Wiis is to boost sales as the console nears the end of it's run and they still won't even let people transfer their purchases after 4 years. I'm sure they'll jump right on it for the DS even though it has already reached the end of the it's lifespan and will be swapped out with the new generation of handhelds this year. I wish you the best of luck with that, and I wish I could be as optimistic as you about it.



AdamLikesYou commented on Flight Control:

I have this for iPhone and played it for about 10 minutes before it's appeal completely ran out. I think I paid $1 and that was a bit steep. $5 for this is a total rip off... you can find better flash games on the internet for free.



AdamLikesYou commented on GhostSlayer:

Looks cool but I know better than to get my hopes up so I'm not expecting it to be as good as it looks. On rail would be abysmal.