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Sat 10th May 2008

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ACK commented on Preview: Hitting the Courts in Mario Tennis: U...:

I hated Mario Power Tennis, so I welcome a purer Tennis game more in line with Mario Tennis 64 (the best). I'm not bothered by the lack of content, either, because I usually find the bonus modes in Camelot sports games to be dire.

What DOES truly bother me is that we have to watch a stupid fluidity-breaking animation every time someone picks up a Mega Mushroom... Just let us grab a shroom and embiggen--no break in the action, it should be that simple. As it is, that's damn near a deal breaker for me.



ACK commented on Fresh Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Details Reveal Shig...:

Apparently it was over before it began. NST seriously erred in their fervent belief in the concept by ordering CG work before there was even a game on paper. That is an incredible move by a small developer working on its first large scale, original IP.

I understand that some might have felt racism played a part in Nintendo's hierarchy, but you can pretty much understand what the craftsmen at NCL thought of a bunch of young-buck western developers budgeting extravagant, superfluous (perfect word, actually) cinematic work without a solid foundation of game design.



ACK commented on Dementium Remastered Pricing Confirmed as Rene...:

@Spoony_Tech There was definitely an overpopulation of flying enemies as they were the bane of many players' existence. Whether they were actually Medusa heads I'm not sure, but I remember thinking they couldn't have been more generic, out of place, or annoying in their abundance (blowing your wad to clumsily clear a corridor only for them to respawn when you returned was too much).



ACK commented on Video: We Want Your Super Mario Maker Levels f...:

Alright, I'm game... But I've only uploaded one level (twice, with a slightly easier revision):

Pinball Dungeon Plumber EX

The idea is a dungeon with a pinball puzzle as the first obstacle. Solve that and you've got a fairly manadeable hop n' bop to the finish, particularly if you leverage the plentiful spoils.

Around the time I uploaded it my wife gave birth to our third child (hence little time to upload more levels) and so I haven't shared it whatsoever. The randoms who've attempted have faired rather pitifully, so maybe it's a little more devious than I initially thought. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I haven't partaken, with all due respect to your YouTube channel.



ACK commented on Review: Race the Sun (Wii U eShop):

The whole family has become smitten with this one. My 6 year-old made it to stage 3 within his first hour of play. He's getting good already. The simple mechanics are actually a boon rather than a hindrance, makes for a relaxing experience that draws you into the zone.

The price point may seem high, but this is the kind of game you pick up for 15 minutes everyday and end up playing for a few hours. There is plenty of entertainment value, especially consider the daily world shuffle. My only complaint is the lack of a local leaderboard...



ACK commented on Voice Actors Union Authorises Strike Action Wi...:

I would be perfectly fine without voice acting and any of those funds going to development or to pay the developers better. Moreover, voice acting is quite an easy job that can be filled by just about anyone. Many 90s PC games got by fine with using the developers for cheap voice talent and many of those turned out fine. In fact, I've become more and more bothered by the quality and similarity of voice work this generation.



ACK commented on Miyamoto and Tezuka Discuss the Difficulties o...:

Obviously Mario Maker has highlighted this point, as the type of levels I like to make for myself and enjoy playing are simply too hard for most Mario players.

Thing is, game difficulty is unique in that it can be broken into three categories: difficulty of command, purpose, and action. Most advanced gamers strictly refer to the difficulty of action as they have mastered the commands and are familiar enough with the subject matter to relatively easily decipher the purpose. Unfortunately for the average gamer these two aspects are significant barriers that might make a level with difficult actions seem oppressive to the point of giving up. That's the problem.

Your game is a failure if it leads people to give up on it before they have a chance to overcome the difficulty of command and purpose. This is where the Mario games excel and where the true challenge in level design lies.



ACK commented on Rumour: Data Miner Discovers Three Empty Chara...:

@Not_Soos Hades won't make it and it tears at my soul... No doubt, he's Nintendo's most fabulous villain ever (eat your heart out, Ghirahim) and his final smash is ready-made: he devours nearby fighters who have to traverse his volatile insides before being regurgitated with unrivaled class. This would of course ensure an unbearably stylish smash at a certain percent.



ACK commented on Rumour: Data Miner Discovers Three Empty Chara...:

Just enough for slots for Hades, Inkling, and S. Belmont. Though, I'm fine with Chibi-Robo taking the place of Belmont due to Konami going off the rails. Or Bomberman, as Nintendo should outright buy his rights.



ACK commented on Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Will Be Served Up in...:

@BrizzoUK Thanks for the insight. I know the series is great, the 64 version is still one of the top arcade tennis/sports games around. Problem is, each successive release has shoehorned in obtrusive gimmicks that diminish rather than augment the solid core gameplay. Power shots that pause the action to zoom in are the infamous example.

Now, when I saw the mega mushroom I had great hope that this would be a worthwhile gimmick because it shouldn't disrupt the flow in any way, but what I've seen since has made me doubt that to some degree... Especially considering that it appears to have been added to the numerous other annoying gimmicks rather than replace them..

Many of us are down on the series because we don't have faith in Camelot to keep it simple and fresh. Every game since the MT64 has disappointed largely because they couldn't get out of the way and let the superb gameplay breath. I desperately want this to be the game we've been hoping for, but I think most fans are going to keep their expectations in check...



ACK commented on Metroid Prime: Hunters Arrives on Wii U Virtua...:

I will say that scrubbing around with bots was a pretty good pastime back in the day...

That said, I definitely agree that a HD version with more control options would be a real treat on the Wii U eshop. The game had some good level, decent modes, cool weapons, and actually some pretty neat advanced techniques that were a joy to pull off online.

Especially with Splatoon pulling in, or creating a new online shooter crowd... It seems that Nintendo should attempt to capitalize and an HD MP:H would be one small, low-risk attempt that could pay off.



ACK commented on Review: STARWHAL (Wii U eShop):

Adore it. If you plan on playing with friends... Be prepared, as Starwahl, Runbow, and Extreme Exorcism all must be downloaded to your Wii U. That's all I gotta say.



ACK commented on Nintendo Download: 17th September (North America):

Excellent week for me. Year Walk isn't the kind of game I'm looking to play on a tablet, so it'll be a real treat for this Halloween season. Car Battler Joe gets an instant free pass into my VC collection... Nothing but love, Natsume! Free Shovel Knight is just a sweet bonus, don't even know when I'll get to play it, so it's looking like a full Shovel Knight replay is in order this winter... Can't wait.



ACK commented on Video: Splatoon's Rainmaker Mode is Possibly t...:

Is there anything more satisfying than inking narrow path right through the opposing teams web and single handedly dunking the rainmaker with 2-4 enemies firing from all sides?

No, there isn't. One of my favorite multiplayer modes in years. Brings me back to the glory days of Push and Murderball in Half Life and Team Fortress Classic.



ACK commented on Some Western Splatoon Players Would Prefer Not...:

I love being matched up with Japanese players. It's always fun to be paired up with a group of Westerners vs. a Japanese group. Or being the sole Westerner in a room full of Japanese players and dragging your team to victory. I generally hold my own if not outright stomp most Japanese players, so I don't see the skill problem. I'd also argue against the skill advantage as the average Japanese player seems to be below par. Though I agree the select few at the top are monsters. Even if they are ferocious, I'd hate to miss out on all the fun worldwide dynamics and overall community.

Anyway, lag is a fact of life in online gaming, if you can't deal with it you should stick to offline. This is almost certainly a case of a few loud detractors pushing the narrative. Get a wired connection and just accept there is always going to be some variance in an online setting. Competition is not always fair.



ACK commented on Review: Sin and Punishment (Wii U eShop / N64):

@SirQuincealot The sequel is one of the best arcade action games ever, in my opinion. Yes, you can use the Gamepad to control Star Successor, but it's highly recommended to use the Wiimote as the game is quite tough and an analog stick is only going to make it harder And more frustrating.



ACK commented on Kerbal Space Program On Wii U Is The “Defini...:

This is the sort of game I've been pining to ported to Wii U since launch. Couldn't be more thrilled, but it also highlights how many other excellent PC games could leverage the Gamepad interface for an enhanced port.



ACK commented on Oddworld Inhabitants Is No Longer Working On W...:

Urgh. I've been dreading this... While I will happily take New 'N Tasty, Stranger's Wrath was the game I was thrilled to replay on Wii U. It's the kind of shooter I always thought could do well on a Nintendo platform and Wii U has unfortunately lacked. Big bummer.



ACK commented on Review: G.G Series THE LAST KNIGHT (DSiWare):

@Captain_Gonru Suzak was awesome. I would consider it a treat to play through their DSiWare collection of clever arcade throwbacks. I'd say there are easily more gems then stinkers and my digital collection would not be the same without a few of their best.

Also, these were mostly done before the big indie-retro craze and in the ethic of classic Japanese arcade games, so they fulfill an interesting niche we may not see much of again.



ACK commented on Talking Point: Competitive Gaming With Super S...:

@Faruko What you are saying mostly confirms my suspicions that many of the issues are related to the culture and mentality of the competitive scene. At least more so than with the games that are not supported.

Then again the same applies again to sports. Beyond which ones are successful professional leagues, the rules are often changed to primarily encourage entertainment and boost viewership, as opposed to competitive fairness.