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ACK commented on Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams GamePad Sound Pa...:

I honestly deleted it from my console after I realized the sound was glitched. This is welcome news as I played through enough to know the way I want to play it is on the Gamepad while my kids are watching Disney movies or various equivalents.

The multiplayer would greatly enhance my desire to dive back into Twisted Dreams, but I would happily invest in Dieselstormers, you know... Given the opportunity on the eShop...



ACK commented on Black Forest Games Confirms New Giana Sisters ...:

I want Dieselstormer on Wii U. I seem to recall the Kickatarter including a Wii U version...

More Giana Sisters could be good, but 60fps needs to be a priority and the controls could use some polish.



ACK commented on Activision Expands Skylanders Line-Up With New...:

The secret is that most Skylanders sit on a shelf, or in a box somewhere unused. Once you realize that, amiibo's success is much more obvious.

I think both DI2 and, to a lesser degree, Trap Team are wasted entries. Outside of the Toy Box (which is still unwieldy), there is little value in the DI2 set. And Trap Team is a neat idea that doesn't mesh with the Skylanders brand and design.

The market is ripe for Nintendo because the people who are comfortable buying figures are ready for something different and SSB is a far richer and enjoyable game, despite the limitations of amiibo. Plus you have the appeal of Nintendo characterers, which will draw new people into the market because most gamers are bound to have at least one character that entices them.

That's the power of amiibo that many ignore - deciding to jump in requires just the purchase of a figure, if you already own a compatible game. The other games require you to take an expensive first leap, then compounded by the pressure to buy more figures simply to unlock content in that one game. Next year, you have to do it all again with little to show for your investment.

Think about it, amiibo is a problem for Skylanders and DI because not only does it feature popular characters, but it highlights the major flaw in the competitors' game design.



ACK commented on Demand For amiibo Continues As Pre-Orders For ...:

@AVahne The figures look great, actually. If you are a collector, you are well aware of the wide range of quality in mass-produced figures. I've loved the Marvel Legends figures since a kid, but I will not buy even the rarest sight-unseen due to the horrible defects I regularly witness. With limbs that fall off, shameful paint jobs, and even burnt plastic.. They are far worse than amiibo, honestly. (And almost twice as expensive, to boot.)

Actually amiibo are notable for being among the highest quality Nintendo figures widely available at retail. The store I work at has historically sold through any Nintendo figures (most recently, the World of Nintendo line) they receive very quickly. The market has been pining for something like these.



ACK commented on Demand For amiibo Continues As Pre-Orders For ...:

It needs to be clarified that Nintendo will withold stock for brick-and-mortar stores. Preorders are generally limited to around 30-60% of stock, so there is a very good chance retailers near you will be receiving shipments soon if they haven't already.

My understanding is that these subsequent waves are not street-dated, so they could be put out on the shelves any day. If there is someone you want, call around everyday if possible. For reference, the store I work at is currently awaiting a shipment of 14 Zeldas, 11 Diddys, and 8 Little Macs.



ACK commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U St...:

Don't expect any direct feed. Clearly Nintendo was keen to show off the scope and ambition of the project, but the game is obviously not at a point where they want to show it under such a microscope. In all likelihood everything just started coming together and running relatively smoothly, but their goal is undoubtedly to make every scene up to par with the original reveal trailer.

I'm just happy they threw us a bone and I can't wait to explore the overworld and start discovering dungeons, which are always topnotch in any LoZ release. Though, I do wish they at least ended after they came upon that tower...



ACK commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

Clearly Nintendo is just getting everything together, so it was their intent to show the scale, scope, and ambition of this project. I don't think they wanted to show a direct feed of it in this early state because the goal is for everything to look up to par with the original trailer, which will still take some work. But it's promising to see that they have the over world constructed and running smoothly enough that it seems they can start worrying about frills and other details.

The real intrigue are the dungeons yet to be seen. Zelda games never let down in that area, though. So this taste is very exciting for the prospect of discovering them.



ACK commented on Parent Trap: amiibo Packs a Hidden Family Payload:

@rjejr Nah, it's far more likely that people are powering off their system at an improper time. The game doesn't necessarily show you when it is auto-saving. And the fact that the majority of people report it happening after playing For Glory supports the "rage-quitting" theory. (This is the internet, everyone wants to blame and no one wants to admit fault.)

Go about your business the way you see fit, but you're going to be waiting awhile on a fix that is probably about 50% likely to ever come. Meanwhile the vast majority of players will go on playing and never encounter the error themselves.

So far there is more evidence supporting user error as the cause than any sort of bug or glitch. Look around the internet, the heaviest players are still putting in hundreds of hours with no issues.

EDIT: Anyway, I just hope you understand that there is not a great chance of a legit fix coming at all. And the error will not brick you system, yet the actions you take to rectify it might.

And your analogy is lost on me because the game is not broken. I'm playing it right now, with 3 other friends on separate Wii Us who have all played extensively since launch with no issues. Any data can become corrupt, but just think about it for a bit. Do you honestly think it's more likely that SSB saves are magically corrupting themselves, or the small number of people who are having issues made erred in accidentally causing it to become corrupted? Don't underestimate the way things get blown out of proportion on the internet.



ACK commented on Parent Trap: amiibo Packs a Hidden Family Payload:

@rjejr You understand the "SSB issue" could happen with Rayman Legends, or likely any other game, right? It's a data corruption issue and any save data becoming corrupt could potentially precipitate it. Why is SSB data becoming corrupt? Likely because people are turning off their system while it is saving either because of rage or simply being unaware the game is in the process of auto-saving. The exact same error has happened in rare instance to people with several other games over the years.

The problem appears to arise when people attempt to format their system before deleting the corrupt data... Just want people to be aware that the issue is exceedingly rare and that their may not be a "fix" other than an OS update. Waiting on one could very well be futile. Do whatever you can to prevent your data from being corrupted, particularly taking care to turn off your system when it is not saving.

Either way, the amount of people reporting issues are extremely low. It's not likely to affect you, or any of us, really, if proper care is taken.



ACK commented on Parent Trap: amiibo Packs a Hidden Family Payload:

@RedPocketMan I'm right there with you. Not to mention, people need to watch what they wish for. Don't forget the business ethic that lead to Skylanders and DI. Activision and Disney are two of the last companies I want to see Nintendo emulate.

I feel Nintendo has shown amazing restraint by incorporating a nonessential feature that can be enjoyed by kids and serious gamers alike without require significant investment in a wide range of figures. Allow people to buy only what they want, or even ignore the feature entirely, while avoiding a situation where longtime Nintendo gamers feel alienated.

And, even moreso, by not investing large development resources in a feature that may impede on their ability to create and develop games in the way they know best. People seem to ignore that Skylanders and DI are only decent games (at best, honestly) that will not hold up in the long run like most Nintendo releases tend to. Succumbing to the same ethic could have serious ramifications for the Nintendo products that we love.

Nintendo is in the business of selling games. That is what keeps them devoted to quality. Just because people have shown a willingness to plunk hundreds of dollars on a singular gaming experience doesn't make it the proper choice for a company like Nintendo. Activision doesn't have a large lineup of beloved family titles, so they are determined to leach the market and steal sales from other games with figurine purchases. Disney simply live with the fact that their licensed portfolio may lose some value, but they weren't setting the market on fire under any circumstances.

But what happens to games like Captain Toad (or Pikmin 3, Tropical Freeze, etc.) if Nintendo is encouraging every family who purchases SSB to spends hundreds more on figurines? Asking Nintendo to go that route could seriously undermine the output that we demand.



ACK commented on Parent Trap: amiibo Packs a Hidden Family Payload:

I find it funny that people are claiming amiibo won't be successful because they don't lock content behind figures when I succinctly recall the opposite argument being levied against Skylanders for restricting content to relatively expensive figurines.

Kids are more aware than many of you give them credit for. They know that when they get a Skylanders or DI game that they then need to ask for numerous other toys to get the most out of the game. My kids long ago decided they'd rather have other toys or games instead of more and more figurines that often ultimately disappointed them.

Most of all, you're all ignoring a few facts in amiibos favor: Nintendo characters are far more popular than Skylanders characters and more relevant to gaming kids than Disney characters; SSB will likely outsell any individual entry in either series; and kids have long been proven to love virtual pets in many forms.



ACK commented on Parent Trap: amiibo Packs a Hidden Family Payload:

My kids adore amiibo. A pet Pikachu and Peach, for my son and daughter, respectively, is EXACTLY what they wanted. My son liked Skylanders, but the game never really caught on with him. Neither of them enjoy playing Disney Infinity in the least. But it turns out they both love to play and watch SSB (at 5 and 3, even).

The fact that they are pets without restricting content is ideal because they know which Nintendo characters they like and can focus on those handful of figures. Skylanders was overwhelming for my son. In the store he wanted all of them, but when he got home only a small fraction appealed to him and that created disappointment when he wasted a gift or reward by asking for a Skylander he ultimately discovered didn't like to play with. Leading to lots of Skylander junk left lying around here...

Most importantly, though, SSB just somehow enraptured him and was quickly elevated to one of his favorites. Skylanders or DI never managed this feat as he always preferred to play other games when it came down to it.

Some may think that amiibo won't appeal to kids because they don't offer unlockable characters, but they are not that dense. My kids understand that most games let you play as many characters and are actually a little repulsed by being restricted from trying out the characters before deciding they like or want them.



ACK commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Facing Potential E...:

@nightmaremoon It may not be an issue with the game as much as the saving process. Seriously, as far as we can tell the chances of you experiencing this issue is probably less than your Wii U simply crapping out during normal play.

I point this out, because it may not be resolved in the way you are expecting. We need more clarification, but it may not be something a patch can fix. Go ahead and play the game, but be careful not to power down when saving and if you by chance encounter the error by all means TREAD LIGHTLY.

Deleting the SSB save file may resolve it, but beyond that don't take any rash actions.



ACK commented on Interview: Shin'en Multimedia on FAST Racing N...:

There are few games on any format that I am more excited for. I just really hope they can nail the controls and level design because both could have been improved in the original.

I'd also like to see an alteration in the design where you aren't necessarily required to switch colors to advance through a track. I'd like alternate routes that reward both proper switching and risk-taking... Sort of like how MK8 incorporates anti-gravity in many tracks, where one path is more risky, but allows for faster lines while the other is safer but requires you to enter and drive cleanly or you'll be left behind.

Designing tracks for this game would be a dream.



ACK commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Facing Potential E...:

@kaya122 I admit that did occur to me as well right after I first popped SSB into my Wii U. I never saw such a message and that sort of made me extra careful about when I power down because it wasn't clear when it was auto saving. That probably should be rectified.



ACK commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Facing Potential E...:

@kaya122 Well, I don't have the answers. As others have said, it's a data corruption issue of some sort, usually caused by powering the console down during the save process. I've put in over a hundred hours on SSB on my launch Wii U with no issues, so I can't replicate the issue. Then again, I'm always extremely careful about when I power down for fear of this very sort of issue.

According to Nintendo Customer Support, the system becomes bricked because you attempted to format before deleting the corrupted save data, so that would qualify as user error in any case.

Really we need more info, but there are not many experiencing this issue and those that have are not exactly forthcoming with details.



ACK commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Facing Potential E...:

This news article needs to be updated. There is mounting evidence that this is only happening to people who are playing off of thumb drives. I've yet to see anyone with this issue who wasn't using a thumb drive and it's unfortunate that this story blew up before the "victims" admitted wrongdoing on their own part (as Nintendo absolutely recommends to avoid thumb drives entirely).



ACK commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Facing Potential E...:

The important thing is that if you receive this error code DO NOT play Smash or access data management until it is resolved and you should be OK. Also, don't fret too much as this seems to be an exceedingly rare error considering the overall amount of hours invested into Smash Wii U in the USA (and abroad).



ACK commented on Inflated Prices and Limited Stock Cause Frustr...:

@Iggly Just be aware that Nintendo isn't in charge of QC for Hori, so being "approved" by them likely has no impact on the build/construction quality of the controllers.

Honestly, I'm a controller snob. I've exclusively used first-party controllers for well over a decade (excluding the occasional fight stick). I do purchase some decent third-party controllers when I see them on clearance for extra controllers for friends, but those experiences have only reinforced my allegiance to Nintendo's controllers. Even with deep discounts, I feel I save more money boning up for the much pricier official controllers.



ACK commented on Inflated Prices and Limited Stock Cause Frustr...:

You can't stop the markup vultures. I know several who bought out stores when they caught wind of low production. They are simply going to return them to retail in a month if they can't sell them for a sweet profit. Many people do this sort of thing with no shame.



ACK commented on Weirdness: April Fools Comes Early As Amazon F...:

Well, the Namco Bandai I aspect is interesting as you can imagine they have a large amount of employees intimately familiar with the Wii U architecture after developing SSB. It's not out the realm of possibility that they could be looking (with some encouragement from Nintendo) to ship a few Wii U projects to fill out the lineup and maybe catch a modest hit.

Clearly Nintendo has been courting Mature-rated projects to some extent and realizes that to interest those consumers they need a fairly steady stream. Nintendo was also very supportive of ZombiU and probably still sees value in the franchise considering it's borderline cult status. For Namco-Bandai's part, it's a modestly successful IP that has made great gains through word of mouth (don't forget the prevalence of negative reviews on release), is proprietary to the Wii U console, fits a market trend, and is cohesively designed to allow for fairly easy iteration and expansion. Even the New York setting supports what I think a Japanese publisher consider as a more marketable setting for a western audience.

I think it's a pretty easy proposition for a company like Namco Bandai to control development costs and make an easy profit with this sort of project, a, with Nintendo's support, assuming they can at least match the original's numbers. And considering they are publishing Project Cars, it seems obvious NB is looking for western-oriented projects. Plus, it would be a true shame to never get another.



ACK commented on Details Uncovered of Upcoming Update for Zelda...:

Wait, who doesn't like the spinner? Never years of that one. It's one of the most fun items in Zelda history. The only fault is that there aren't places all over in TP to use it. Excellent dungeon and boss battle, too.

Including it in Hyrule Warriors makes just too much awesome sense.



ACK commented on Polychromatic Extravaganza de Blob Will Be Mak...:

My impression is that what killed this series was the mistaken effort to establish characters and story in a game that needed neither. I think going a more arcade-oriented route where you just got on with hopping and bopping and de blobing would be more appropriate.



ACK commented on Former President Of Silicon Knights Announces ...:

When will Dennis realize that the community reached saturation point with his BS years ago? When ewill investors? I mean, how on God's Earth does he continue to acquire good-faith funding for his indulgent drivel?

I like what Silicon Knights used to stand for, but this guy's delusions of grandeur are beyond oft-putting, to say the least. "The Singularity"?

Sure thing Dennis, you keep on keeping on.



ACK commented on Nexis Games Launches Kickstarter For Minecraft...:

You can't kickstart a clone. It's unethical. OK, maybe not, but the whole point of being a clone is to gain exposure by association. If that association is not enough to buoy your product than the marketplace will not support it. Crowd funding a derivative mars the entire process.



ACK commented on Review: Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut (Wii...:

Map? I've only ever played on hard, and never once missed it. My understanding is that the abstract map on offer is more confusing than using those good old' 2D mental compass honed during the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. I also enjoy the increased sense of unease before entering a doorway, not quite sure where it may lead.

To be clear, this is for survival horror fans. Does a vague representation of a 2D Silent Hill intrigue you? Those who are should definitely play it. Sadly, the game does little to impress anyone else who doesn't make that sort of correlation. Although, you could say it's a more condensed, approachable form of Survival Horror, so it could be an ideal tie-dipping for some.

Just make sure to curl up in a dark room with the Gamepad and headphones. And open up a window if it's not too cold. If there is a better way to play this game, I certainly haven't heard of it.