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aaronsullivan commented on Parent Trap: The Eyes Have It, Why amiibo Deta...:

@rjejr Did not catch Silent Running, but I remember that robot that was playing cards as a toy or collectible or something. (I love how shoddy old trailers seem compared to the slick stuff we get now!)

Basically, there are only a few play sets. Each figurine has a symbol to designate which set it "belongs" to. There are many figures that are toy box only (they have a toy box symbol). The part that is confusing (but cool) is the crossover opportunities that you can unlock in some play sets. There's no designation on the figures themselves.

I think most people just buy part of it, then the kids sort it out from there. Playsets come with compatible figures and everyone plays in the toy box, so it's hard to be completely hosed on day one. :D

Looking back, I think I shouldn't have waited until Christmas for DI 2.0. Should have just bought in small and tried it out. It would have been way less consuming and we have too much as it is. Live and learn. :D



aaronsullivan commented on Parent Trap: The Eyes Have It, Why amiibo Deta...:

@rjejr Black Hole scarred my childhood, yes. The soundtrack to that movie is one of the most oppressive pieces of music in my library. I really liked VINCENT and had a toy for him that lasted for decades. His little pod leg things could pull out on the toy and you could push his head down into his body to hide his eyes. :)

I thought Big Hero 6 was pretty good, but it seems even better to me looking back on it. It's sticking with me for some reason and my kids like it too. @sinefela I know what you mean about getting Baymax without the armor, too. They need to make a little blow-up toy version of him. :)



aaronsullivan commented on Feature: Dreaming of a Nintendo Christmas - To...:

The launch of Wii U was probably one of the best video game experiences of my life (and there's some big competition from my youth). My young kids, wife, and I played Nintendo Land for days on end and then later, my 4 year-old son and I bonded while gaining "master" badges for stages in Metroid Blast and Zelda before I'd drive him to pre-k. Just awesome family time. Really great and we haven't done it enough lately, so I'm really looking forward to the next couple of weeks.

Nintendo Land does a remarkable job of balancing the whole asynchronous play thing and adjusting stages for 1, 2, 3, and 4 players in the more complex games, but it's not always perfect:

On Battle Quest, the last stage (spolier: of the original stages) is MUCH harder with 3 and 4 people because of the way (spoiler) Ganon fights and how everyone shares hit points. The (spoiler) second set of stages is incredibly hard! I think we'll tackle that again at least once before 2015 but we are probably rusty now.



aaronsullivan commented on Miyamoto: We Are Working On Ideas For The Next...:

Doesn't seem like he said anything at all like Mario won't come until the next console. Just that he'd like to use Mario to usher in the new hardware idea whatever it is.

He said:
"I think that maybe when we release the next hardware system, you can look forward to seeing Mario take on a new role or in a new game."

Doesn't sound exclusive to me.

On the other hand we do have two "main" Mario games on the Wii U already, and no Metroid. :P



aaronsullivan commented on Parent Trap: The Eyes Have It, Why amiibo Deta...:

Wasn't going to buy Zelda until I saw her in person and it took about 5 seconds before I put her in the cart... for my wife. Ahem. (Which means Samus maybe goes to me!)

I personally prefer Pit to that new Skylander by a large margin. In fact, I was going to hold out for Pit but I don't feel like stressing over his release date (or making someone else stress over it.) Detail is one thing but there is an overall design that makes a big difference. The Skylander looks like an idea to me. Pit looks like a fully realized character. (It's subjective obviously because, besides Zelda, Kid Icarus is the only game that really gets me excited about playing my 3DS)

Anyway, I can fully understand your frustration with the Marvel character designs. They are coming into an already established aesthetic from DI 1.0 and it doesn't always work for me either. I really enjoy the sculpted design of the Disney Infinity 1.0 figures though and Baymax is just awesome in 2.0.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Download: 18th December (North America):

I really think GBA games are, in general, much better on the big screen. I think it's because so many of those games were made by developers wanting to continue using their skills for SNES style 16-bit games once the 3D consoles were established. Most of those games don't seem to be aware of how small and dark a screen people had to play them on.

So glad Nintendo brought them to Wii U as I've been able to share Metroid Fusion with my kids and now play Minish Cap (which none of us had played).

They still belong on the 3DS as well, but they are suited just fine (better) to console gaming on a TV, IMO.

There is a big hole with the missing GameCube games on the Wii U, but Wind Waker HD and Metroid Prime Trilogy help immensely in that regard as those are my 4 favorite games for the console. The other ones I want all have licensing issues: Star Wars, James Bond. So, that's always going to be a problem.



aaronsullivan commented on Video: Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Online Sharin...:

Aw, sometimes the challenge is good, though! Will be interesting to see what approach they take to the overall gameplay in Star Fox. I thought Shovel Knight had one of the best approaches yet to making a challenging platforming game in a modern context. (Money at stake and continue points you can destroy for money... less continue spots for more serious players)

You took the DI plunge, eh? The deals on that are still flying fast. I'm done, but they keep catching my eye. It is impressive how older game consoles are competing with dedicated streaming devices even now. PS3 was built to last.



aaronsullivan commented on Video: Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Online Sharin...:

I like the picture he's painting of Star Fox. Sounds like the third person on screen and then cockpit view on GamePad could really be useful. It has been hard to get too excited about a new Star Fox game because I've been worried about the direction it will take, but ... it's Nintendo and it's a new Star Fox game that seems to be focused on flying combat. Looking forward to it!



aaronsullivan commented on Best Buy and Walmart Pitch In With Festive Wii...:

Seems like an obvious exploit, but Walmart has no-receipt return policy that let's you get store credit or an exchange for the same item. Is it like Target, though? There, you have to spend the money on one item in the same department as the returned item. It seems unethical to take a gift card like that meant as a promotion to buy an item. One shade of gray lighter than stealing?

Are you in a position to see a bunch of people taking advantage the way you describe (like work behind the customer service counter) or do you just know someone who did it once?



aaronsullivan commented on Video: Today's Teens Simply Cannot Handle The ...:

Challenge has its place. It's funny, though. As early as the 16-bit era I saw game magazines (EGM) rating incredible games low because they were too hard for the reviewers.

Target Earth and Herzog Zwei always stick out in my mind because I thought they were impossible at first, but eventually I could finish them every time I sat down to play and they remain two of my favorite games ever (yet, they both received super low scores in EGM at the time).

Still, some games I've played are super hard and I just never cared much to finish them. It has to be fun to make the challenge worth it.

I haven't finished my virtual console copy of Mega Man, yet. Those little flip-down moving platforms drive me nuts. Even with save state restoring! (It was moderately difficult for me back when it first came out).



aaronsullivan commented on Rosalina & Luma amiibo Exclusive to Target in ...:

@rjejr You are partially right. I was seriously caught up in Disney Infinity deal tracking. I did so well with DI 1.0 and just wouldn't settle for anything but the best deals. I never paid full price for a single item... oh wait, there was one: Baymax. It was getting scarce and it was turning into what my son wanted the most so I caved and bought it for actual retail price.

Turns out I even got a deal with the digital version and was one of the first 10,000 to order so I also got the games that go with the Toy Box starter pack in the mail (the stitch/merida game discs).

We laid it all out to see what we bought the kids and decided to spread some of it out to other family members (and even save on for me on my birthday!) because it was way too much. lol. Shopping early for Christmas can be a curse as you keep thinking of new things. :D

Anyway, none of us have played it yet, but I know they'll get tons of enjoyment out of the Toy Box if nothing else and we even watched a carefully edited version of the Avengers together last night so they are stoked about the characters they didn't know much about before.

Those deals were hard to pass up right? They went SO low sometimes.

All that said, I'm not the biggest Smash Bros. fan and I know it will send my 5-year-old kid into kicking/punching frenzies that we'll have to help him control. So, I do have some other factors helping me to limit my fascination with it. I'm a fan of almost all Nintendo franchises, though, and Nintendo will get me good in the future, I know it. I wonder what Nintendo will have, Amiibo-wise, to compete with Star Wars Disney Infinity (I suppose they could wait until 2016 for that, though.)



aaronsullivan commented on Rosalina & Luma amiibo Exclusive to Target in ...:

Just keep in mind that collecting them all give very little in actual game additions. It's all a collector's mentality stirring up the crazy. The fact that these are essentially Smash Bros. specific makes it easy for me to just collect my favorites and move on... so far. (I like Smash Bros. but I'm not crazy about it.)



aaronsullivan commented on Super Smash Bros. Grabs Third Place in NPD Cha...:

@Quorthon "Nintendo should have taken that loss just to move consoles. After two steady years of losses, they should be getting good at dealing with it by now."
Yep, they are dealing with it. Partly, by NOT taking a loss on the consoles this Holiday season.

"The Wii sold to families because it was cheap" That was part of the equation, but you don't think Wii Sports and the promise of that new style of play had anything to do with it? Plus, once you bought enough Wii Remotes to play Wii Sports with 4 people, it wasn't too cheap anymore. ;)

The Wii U does have a pretty good attach rate and with Nintendo publishing basically the only big sellers, the individual titles are getting consistently large numbers. It's a different kind of equation than the other guys in the console sales business but Nintendo may find a way to make its carved out corner successful.

The apparent strength of Amiibo sales is surprising, too. Not sure what to make of it, but it can't be bad for Nintendo.

I'm also interested what happens to the games now that Nintendo has stated publicly it is going to target dedicated gamers with deeper game experiences and stop trying to attract non-gamers to the industry. It's unfortunate that Nintendo's attempt to wrangle those non-gamers in with the Wii alienated much of its fan base while the mobile game market picked up most of the benefits with its casual gaming options.



aaronsullivan commented on 3DS Brawler One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X I...:

It's a fun way to apply your favorite character to other games. It might seem like a simple addition, but it creates an interesting perk to owning an amiibo and if you like the idea and extra incentive to be interested in games that might no attract your attention otherwise.



aaronsullivan commented on Sony Pictures Is In Negotiations With Nintendo...:

@Melkac Ghibli exists, fortunately. They had to switch to a more traditional animation studio model in Japan where they hire animators per movie rather than keep the studio staffed with full-timers from year-to-year. Sadly, Hayao Miyazaki seems truly retired from feature-length movie making (still doing shorts for museum and manga).

I agree with you on a Ghibli Mario --that wouldn't make sense-- however, a Ghibli produced Legend of Zelda movie would be perfection and could garner a huge audience, IMO. A big part of that is because the design of Zelda games have been heavily influenced by Ghibli films over the years and the styles mesh very well. Watch something like Princess Mononoke or even Totoro and Nausicaa but with Link, Zelda, Midna... it could be breathtaking. Plus, Ghibli films are almost entirely concerned with character over plot which would serve the Zelda mythologies well. Chances of it happening are near zero percent, but it's a fun dream.



aaronsullivan commented on Sony Pictures Is In Negotiations With Nintendo...:

Tough franchise to make a movie on. The game relies on complete absurdity as a charming factor. In a movie you need something to anchor to in order to care. With smart, experienced people behind it, it could be good, but it's a huge challenge. It goes without saying that this has to be animated.

One nice change since the 80's is that there is now a Luigi (not just a green mario) who has had his own adventures to draw on for personality. Peach can now stand up for herself more. Captain Toad just launched and can absorb all the need for something super cute. Even Mario, since Mario 64, now has a fun-loving personality and has an acrobatic ability not just big jumps and a fist that can break bricks.

Bowser has a Jr. There's the koopalings which are very generic but could be developed based on their character design.

There's much more to work with now.

What a mine field though when it comes to making it work right.

What I'm hoping for is a complete runaway hit due to a smart approach so we can move on to Zelda and Metroid movies with some confidence.



aaronsullivan commented on Super Smash Bros. Grabs Third Place in NPD Cha...:

@Chubblings Just to be clear, I was talking about the loss Nintendo would take if it had decided to discount the Wii U consoles for Black Friday by some significant amount, or pack in Smash Bros for free.

As a fan of Nintendo games, my family and I are completely satisfied with Wii U. Like you, I want to see it continue, but if it is only marginally profitable it begins to effect what games are made and the approach Nintendo will take to home consoles in the future. Some difficult times to provide course correction can be a great thing, but we don't want the boat to sink!

I'm pretty optimistic myself, but always a bit disappointed when the real numbers come in. I just want people to have as much fun with it as I'm having. :D



aaronsullivan commented on Super Smash Bros. Grabs Third Place in NPD Cha...:

Not sure what Nintendo's plan is on selling hardware specifically but t wasn't to target Black Friday with any kind of deals (in the US at least). That's for sure.

I'm still thinking Nintendo's primary concern is a solid return to profitability so it can survive and satisfy shareholders. Selling a bunch of consoles at a loss does not get that done fast enough, sadly.

The Smash/MK8 combo and other games for groups are unfortunately for Nintendo best spread throughout the holidays when families gather together and play them. It means that it's going to take awhile for those games to pay off in hardware sales.

2015 is a very important year for the relevance of the Wii U. Zelda, Star Fox, and Splatoon are a great pile up on top of Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 and Mario/DK/Rayman platforming options. If it can't get attention from a larger audience with that lineup, I don't think it ever will.



aaronsullivan commented on Demand For amiibo Continues As Pre-Orders For ...:

I'm betting these are ALL coming back in stock at least a couple times no matter what Nintendo is hinting at. Those manufacturing defect figurines set off a firestorm of people looking to resell but there are plenty of just regular sales as well (or the resellers wouldn't keep buying). If Nintendo has a hot product they won't stop selling anytime soon. Nobody should pay more than retail for these.

So why the vague comments from Nintendo? Nintendo is just covering its collective butt. There will be a point where they stop making some figurines because the demand is so low it doesn't pay to make them anymore. It doesn't want to say it won't discontinue something — what company can promise that about any product?

Anyway, the other big aspect to understand is that these Amiibo are primarily for Smash Bros. and there is no promise of any kind of extended support in the future.

Don't buy these unless you see the value in what is offered now. It's reasonable to expect the support Nintendo has promised in other games, but as we've seen that can be very, very limited.



aaronsullivan commented on Composer Legend Hirokazu Tanaka Throws Down Ki...:

Would be fascinated to hear what he'd bring back to Metroid in a soundtrack for a new game. Would never trade what Kenji Yamamoto did with the music in the series, but it would be very cool to get the original vibe back and see what fresh take Tanaka could bring. Collaboration would be a dream. :D

Oh yeah, and I haven't listened to all of this but sounds pretty rad. ;)



aaronsullivan commented on Best Buy Offering $50 Off 3DS XL Systems Up To...:

It's a good deal, but maybe tough to stomach with the impending upgrade. For anyone who doesn't have a 3DS at all but wants a portable game system, it's such a great value, though. There are so many great games to choose from and those are all the same games that will work on the new 3DS, anyway. Doesn't seem like you are missing much. I will be jealous of the tracking for more consistent 3D.

Last year my wife picked up the Zelda special edition 3DS XL with the copy of the brand new Zelda game for $150 from Target. I had tried to get it for Black Friday at $170 or something like that and then it somehow ended up at that price before Christmas. That was nice.



aaronsullivan commented on Koji Kondo Outlines the Importance of Music in...:

Games have been doing this for a long, long time. Mario 64 did a great job of it, the Zelda series has all sorts of touches including musical notes playing ALONG with the music when you make a successful attack (Wind Waker), but then further back, different instruments added to music in Super Mario World when you ride Yoshi, and even X-Wing for the PC in 1993 had extensive use of dynamic music based on what was happening in the game. It was Star Wars music in MIDI and they called the technology iMuse if I recall correctly.

The problem is that chip tunes made this easier in some ways then having pre-recorded music so it has taken awhile for the technology to catch up with streamed music and mixing that in real time.



aaronsullivan commented on Hollow Knight is a Bit Like Shovel Knight, Exc...:

This game looks so solid. It's a shame it's not fully supported yet. Beautiful design.

Couple of other similarities: A Black Knight character who guards the way (in fairness, this is from Arthurian legend, right?) and he has horns reminiscent of Shovel Knights helmet. Plus, some of the rewards are similar, but emulating Shovel Knight's kickstarter in that way seems like a good thing to do.

Anyway, I don't think the similarities should be held against it at all.

This is far from a copycat game and the design shows incredible promise and originality within the scope of a metroidvania action platformer.



aaronsullivan commented on Hollow Knight is a Bit Like Shovel Knight, Exc...:

Art style is very nice and stands out. Can't think of anything to directly compare it with.

Shovel Knight and Hollow Knight are pretty obviously not remotely related just by looking at it for a couple seconds. The game mechanics of both are pretty closely lifted from previous games (just like most platforms). It's what they add that makes it important.

How about:
Knight Hollow

Anyway, going to the kickstarter page to check it out.



aaronsullivan commented on Video: Use Your amibo Figures Without Removing...:

Life is short. Enjoy the figurine. Set it free. Play with it. Display it. Pass it around. Get oily finger residue all over it. Haven't you read the Velveteen Rabbit? :P

I sort of get the collector thing, but lasting value doesn't come from the price you can get for something and if the kind of value is just trading up for cash, there are much better ways to do this than with the things you love. ;)



aaronsullivan commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

One does not simply walk into the phone hardware market. It's insanely difficult to compete with the companies that are doing it now in hardware and components alone. It's an entirely different category with all sorts of difficult issues and service contracts. It's a nightmare that Nintendo has no experience with. Nintendo would have to hire a huge new team of experienced engineers or contract everything out. It just makes no sense and doesn't play to the strengths of the company.

However, something that I can attach to my phone and play Nintendo games could replace/compliment a 3DS. A brilliantly designed controller, for instance, with a couple unique features.

The games could require the Nintendo branded controller so Nintendo could have some control over their share of the market and the brand.

For iPhones and iPads, It would have to be through a deal with Apple, though, because currently apps aren't allowed to require a game controller. There has to be touchscreen alternative controls.

Seems like this isn't going to be their strategy though for at least one more generation of hardware and I don't know if it should ever be their strategy. Nintendo does need to stay relevant as these mobile device become ubiquitous for gaming but dropping hardware or trying to compete in a market it has little to no experience with isn't in the cards for awhile.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Reportedly States That No First Wave ...:

Considering the limited use of multiple figurines (how many do you really want to train at a time in Smash Bros.?), this kind of fever over their collection is impressive. Is it just because the idea is hitting a chord? Is it because Nintendo characters are for games first? Just wondering. According to the other article Nintendo is finding success with them. It's something that could be amped up SO much more, so that's some good potential.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Wins Four At The Game Awards 2014, Wh...:

@LordOfGamez CGI means computer generated imagery and is a pretty general term. Do you mean pre-rendered cinematics? Most of the trailers I saw were using in-game footage rendered by the game engine.

I do like Nintendo's down to earth approach at showing early game footage. Developers hanging out talking about the progress.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

@RedDevilAde A big part of it is what they want to show right now. For all we know the various items and abilities are all near complete and the dungeons are mostly crafted with puzzles in place — I'm sure there is still a ton of work to be done there in reality, though! Nintendo wants to show us the thing they know is the most different and appealing to fans going back to Ocarina and even the NES original. To some who felt that Skyward Sword was one giant tunnel, this is quite a change. :)

Anyway, should be fun to get little bits here and there until we get it in our hands. I can't wait for the sweeping music version of a final trailer as it looks like there will be some amazing visuals and situations to showcase already.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

@RedDevilAde I've watched it 5 times at least and I see what you are saying to a degree, but at this stage I'm assuming the filling in of the general landscape is going to be one of the last things to be done. Plus, If you watch carefully, Anouma gets close to a couple of interesting features but purposely steers away from them (something on a nearby tall rock and a bridge entrance that he turns around from to find the herd of horses). He's actively hiding stuff from us.

Nintendo developers always start with the core gameplay mechanics and we are getting a taste of how that's coming along.

If this is Zelda, and it is, don't forget how there will be secrets everywhere, too. I'm actually pretty excited that things aren't obvious.

I'm with you on how disappointing it would be if the landscape stayed the same and just stretched out long distances for no reason.

(Now you made me watch it again and I'm seeing much more variety than I first realized was there, the woods transitions smoothly from young trees to thicker, older ones, there is a little village or town and other structures in the valley below where Link meets Epona, the rocky path, the heavy grass areas. Lots of variety.)



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

It wasn't too long ago we were talking about how Nintendo was bleeding money at a rate that could actually deplete their huge cash reserve in a couple years. That was something we can forget easily but a company can not.

My guess is that Nintendo simply needs to return to strong profitability and you don't do that by giving stuff away. It's a balance because there's a fight between the immediate survival of the company (immediate return to profit) over the long term success of the Wii U (through growing a larger base). Marketing costs are involved here, too.

I think they just reached a point this Holiday season where no matter how they juggled their assets they couldn't do both.

2015, though? Might be a whole new story and hopefully a position of strength for Nintendo.



aaronsullivan commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U St...:

It's definitely my most anticipated game of 2015, but it also surpasses what I expected so far. So many other elements to discover as Anouma is bent on revisiting conventions. Exciting stuff.

King's Quest and No Man's Sky are trending a bit higher on Facebook, however. King's Quest is the top of the entire trending list. That means the Game Awards Show had some relevance after all. None of this is bad for Zelda, either, as it's all connected.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Wins Four At The Game Awards 2014, Wh...:

As for selling Wii U consoles we'll see but this show will take awhile for people to notice or care. The previous award shows were pretty much a joke. It definitely had the effect of making Nintendo feel relevant, but only to those who took the time to watch. :)

It seems like Nintendo should be pushing over an edge of acceptance for more people, but I'm already so sold on the Wii U (and was from day one, actually) it's getting harder for me to relate to gamers who don't want it. ;)



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Wins Four At The Game Awards 2014, Wh...:

How did Hearthstone win? IMO, Hearthstone is a way better match for a portable format than Smash Bros. When I try Smash Bros. on 3DS I'm thinking it's impressive they could cram it onto that tiny play area. When I play Hearthstone on an iPad I think to myself, this is the best way to play this game. It's interesting that both games successfully bring outsiders to a somewhat niche genre.

I thought Monument Valley had a good chance in it's categories, too.

I found the show to be on its way to respectability, but am I the only one that finds all the extremely gory footage being showcased in games as sort of distasteful in an awards show covering all of video gaming?



aaronsullivan commented on Shovel Knight Digs For Victory With 300,000 Co...:

This is a retro NES-style game. I'm really surprised that some of you feel this number is disappointingly low. Personally, I love this game. Really made me feel like I did when playing the games its paying homage to. Plus, it's fun and interesting in its own rite. So glad to see those guys succeed, but the number of people serious enough to consider paying $15 for a game that archaic looking are a tiny percentage of gamers — enough to support 5 devs though!

It can't hurt that they got Indie Game of the Year at the Video Game Awards — did a little cheer when they won. That show was good enough that it might actually gain some attention from word of mouth over the next few days.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

Quite cruel to place us so far from the screen. I zoomed in and even though the resolution is no better it still let me focus on the game a bit better. The subtle randomness of movement from Epona is mesmerizing: her head, neck, mane and tail hairs even. Nice attention to details that have time to observe in a game where travel plays a big role.

Other games have open worlds of course and can be plenty beautiful, so it strikes me that I add so much more anticipation to it because it's Zelda and I know Anouma and Nintendo will infuse it with charm and interesting game play. They seem always aware of how game play mechanics can wear thin and it has to stay creative and add new elements as you progress.

I guess I've watched that enough for one late night...



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

As far as selling consoles goes, this can't hurt. Sure, it's not coming until probably November 2015, but that potential along with what the console has right now has to push some more people over the edge, right? I'm sure Reggie has been hoping so since they didn't do anything bold with pricing or deals for Black Friday.

I love the confidence that Star Fox will be released before Zelda and that they'll make it inside of 2015. It's pretty rare for Nintendo to talk that way. I wonder where it comes from, to be honest. They have been hiring and expanding apparently. I guess once you realize you are the only one developing for your console, you have to get more developers. lol.



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

@Samuel-Flutter I was worried the travel was just going to the waypoint automatically, but Epona just keeps heading in the direction you start in unless you adjust, he is changing her direction with nudges here and there when he feels like it.

@rjejr The show itself wasn't half bad. It helped that it seemed to have a theme of games having relevance and some history. You can't pull that off without acknowledging Nintendo. You're right, though, every major title from Nintendo was highlighted at some point, if not winning awards. Apparently Reggie had some hand in the direction of the Awards show, too?



aaronsullivan commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

Loved hearing Miyamoto call out Epona by name. Also the banter was good and the teasing about who would release a game first was fun.

I was concerned in the E3 showing that the movements of Epona were just animated for the cinematic only, but the movements are just as fluid and lifelike in the actual gameplay.