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Thu 30th May, 2013

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ALinkttPresent commented on Nintendo's Wii U TVii Service is Formally Canc...:

Europe is not missing out. Nintendo said it was the most non-Nintendo thing the company has ever done when they announced it, and as you're well aware, Nintendo is good. Doing something that isn't Nintendo-y is therefore bad. The service was actually very helpful and cool when the system first launched, but a while back they released an update that supposedly made it a lot better, but in fact made it nearly unusable. I wouldn't be surprised if they shut off the service completely, it's a waste of server space.



ALinkttPresent commented on Mickey's Speedway USA:

Wasn't there a Game Boy Color version? Nintendo Life should do a review and stuff on that one too, since it probably won't make it to the VC, being a Rare game and all.



ALinkttPresent commented on Citizens of Earth:

Atlus' first Wii U game, and the first 3rd party game of the year that looks interesting! I hope it gets a good review, I'm a fan of Atlus' work on Nintendo systems.