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Tue 15th July, 2014

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ALEC_EIFFEL commented on Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival Is Drag...:

@Bass_X0 Valid points in all of your answers. Let me kill them with my arguments:

1. This is an OK port, unlike Alpha 3 which was pretty awesome and retained the fluid movement of the arcade original. The moves here are ok but they lack that finesse that alpha 3 retained. Also, the difficulty is a joke.

2. Capcom could´ve relaunched Turbo HD Remix on the eshop, instead of this lame gba port.

3. Yes, it has Akuma and new moves and blah blah blah, but play it alongside THE NEW CHALLENGERS for SNES and this port just is totally soulless. Even the graphics seem uninspired, at least the super ghouls ´n´ghosts port was almost identical to the snes version.

4. Were you on drugs when playing Alpha 3? This piece of crap is WAY WAY WAY WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY behind that port by light years. I had both of them and I just exchanged this lame excuse for a port for the much better KOF EX2.



ALEC_EIFFEL commented on Mega Slowbro and Mega Audino Leaked for Pokém...:

Alright, I officially quit pokémon. Game freak just keeps embarrasing themselves every time they reveal a new evolution: swampert sucked, salamence sucked, altaria sucked, lopunny sucked and now slowbro and audino suck. I mean, come on, what´s next? MEGA DUNSPARCE?????

Every time I see a pokémon post I feel embarrassed, quite the contrary of what I feel every time I see a smash post. Mega evolutions were cool and neat when they were introduced in x and y, but now it´s just ridiculous. They mega evolve suckass pokémon so you are tempted to use them on your team. Gee, I can´t wait for mega raticate, mega spinda or mega stantler!!!! ¬¬



ALEC_EIFFEL commented on Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures To Utilise To...:

...And once more I cannot understand the hype for this guy. I mean, he was once good at reviewing during his 06-09 days, but that was years ago and this game at best looks half-decent. Don´t get me started on his "movie".



ALEC_EIFFEL commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:

Chrom is a non-confirmed playable character, it just takes reasoning if you visit the smash bros official site. Lucina is listed as UPDATE, that means, she is a skin to Marth, update applies to previous smash combatants or alternate skin or forms; therefore, I am PRETTY SURE the fire emblem smash line of combatants is: Marth (Lucina as skin), Ike, Chrom and Robin.

Also, watch the trailer and see Chrom's pose on nintendolife's other post, it is completely different.