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Thu 16th August, 2012

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AJere commented on Masahiro Sakurai Once Again Highlights The Pos...:

Surprised at all the disrespectful comments towards Sakurai. I mean, he did almost work himself to death just to deliver a game to his fans. Now everyone tosses him aside when his work is finished?



AJere commented on Rumour: Dubious Walmart Listing Suggests Suppo...:

As a enjoyed Paper Mario 64 when it released, Sticker Star was sort of a let down. It was a good game, but lacked the essentials that made the first one what it was. This and Super Paper Mario's gameplay disappointed me, but the games were both good. I'd like to see an experience closer to that of Thousand Year Door



AJere commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

The more of you that doesn't but it the more reason Ubisoftnhas for not releasing any mature games on WiiU. You not supporting means less third party which means less WiiU players



AJere commented on Mario Kart 8 Secures Place as Top-Selling SKU ...:

I think that if Nintendo doesn't get GTA 5 they should work on their own open world first-person shooter. I mean look at the list. What's really selling is shooters and sports games. If Nintendo were to make a game like GTA they would be buried in sells. Shooters are very popular this generation and they shouldn't miss out on it



AJere commented on Reggie Has Seen The Xbox One And PS4 Launch Li...:

Of course Nintendo keeps reproducing Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong games. I mean, if they were to make something new, would everyone want to buy it? It is easier to make a new version of an old game and get people to accept it than to make a new game and expect fans to start pouring in.



AJere commented on Super Smash Bros. Footage Revealed, Mega Man I...:

The Arena Stage in the WiiU version leads me to believe that the game will include Little Mac as Nintendo's Classic character for the game. But that would mean excluding Ice Climbers. The Balloon fighter item lets me know that they will probably not make it as a playable character.

This trailer was the best thing I saw in the direct earlier. Loved it!



AJere commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Next-Gen Challenge ...:

@Tornado That is the point exactly. Nintendo is staying true to gaming with their next-gen console. They have given us virtual console and much more for us to love our gaming experience. Microsoft has taken the initiative to make their console into a smartphone that you can use on your TV. They have really made it their goal to take over your TV, and your life, with their new console. Nintendo intends to pull Wii owners off of their sofas with messages to get the new Wii U, telling them about all of the new things you can do. To me, it looks as if the WiiU's virtual console game line-up will be 10x better than the Wii's if that is what you are looking for.

@Blackside I hate when people try to judge the WiiU's controller functionality without actually owning one. The gamepad actually makes gameplay more fun and interactive. If your so against it, Nintendo has developed the Pro Controller, which is compatible with most of the WiiU's titles.

I really enjoyed reading this article, lets just wish Nintendo the best!