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Sun 26th May 2013

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AG-Wolf commented on Miyamoto Puzzled As To Why Anyone Would Want A...:

Every game in the F-Zero series has been such a technical masterpiece, I can't believe Miyamoto would think it doesn't deserve another sequel. F-Zero is my favorite Nintendo franchise ;_;

Where the rest of Nintendo's games have always been very approachable and accessible, every F-Zero game PUNISHES you from the beginning... the series requires so much practice and skill to simply perform moderately well, and to really excel at any one of the games, it takes dedication and mastery of every single one of its tiniest nuances.

The music, the atmosphere, the challenge of each game itself has always been what keeps me coming back. I own every title in the series, and I have been eagerly awaiting a new installment. I almost wish they would team-up with Sega's AV again to make the next one, albeit without the broken snaking/dakou bulls**t which ruined the leaderboards. Granted, a similar technique was uncovered in F-Zero X on the N64, but it's still a cheap maneuver.

For a new F-Zero game to be made, it needs to maintain the same tradition of difficulty and technicality that even the original SNES game had...