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Wed 18th Dec 2013

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A01 commented on Super Mario Maker Web Portal Arriving in December:

This will be good and useful.

But why?

Why can't this search be implemented into the actual game instead? All it seems to be getting is a new tab where you can view all the levels you've saved for later via the web portal.

Seems like a typical Nintendo move. Not doing things the obvious way and making things unnecessarily complicated.

But still, it's gonna be great to search with more criteria. Maybe I can avoid all automatic, water and scrolling levels now.



A01 commented on Gallery: Catch Up With Nintendo's Miitomo Reve...:

I expected an actual game rather than a chat type thing.

But this makes sense. It'll be absurdly popular in Japan no doubt. And probably universally ignored/shunned in the rest of the world.

It was never going to be a Mario game. Nintendo want to attract people from mobile to their systems - that's where their actual games are going to be. Which is what they've said over and over and over again. I wouldn't be surprised if all their mobile games focus on Mii's. With maybe a few cameos by Mario or Animal Crossing characters. Maybe just some Mii costumes based on their major franchises.



A01 commented on Dementium Remastered Pricing Confirmed as Rene...:

Coming to Europe?! My goodness! EA will make a Wii U game next...

Maybe one day we'll get Moon Chronicles if we beg enough.

A lot of the improvements to this version sound good. Mainly the easier difficulty and dual analog support. Enemies not respawning is also the right decision.

The graphical improvements look pretty huge too. More so than Moon.

Looking forward to it.



A01 commented on Renegade Kid Wants to Release Physical Version...:

How about releasing some games in Europe first?

Although, if we can get a physical Renegade Collection with all the games we don't have over here yet, that'd be fantastic.

eShop releases would also be fine.



A01 commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash Will Support Plenty of a...:

I reminds me of a cross between Toy Story on the Megadrive where you used Woody's pullstring in a similar whipping sort of way, and Clockwork Knight on the Saturn.

I'm still undecided. I like robots, but the whipping mechanic seems fairly boring.



A01 commented on Guide: 9 Tips for Playing Runbow:


The first game I played online, the first two rounds ran flawlessly, then rounds 3 - 10 were nigh unplayable.

I've mostly been sticking with the single player though. That's gonna keep me busy for a while. The game has far more content than I think anyone realises.

The huge cast of indie cameos is excellent. I love playing as Scram Kitty. If nobody has done it yet, you should pitch "Super Indie Bros" to Nintendo. It could be a standalone downloadable game, using the Smash Wii U engine, with a huge cast of indie characters. Make it happen! Somehow!



A01 commented on Guide: 9 Tips for Playing Runbow:

It's a lot of fun, but I think it genuinely could be the hardest game I've ever played.

Also, the online lags like crazy. Although I'm impressed it has online at all, I wasn't expecting it.



A01 commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd September (Europe):

Does anyone know if we need to have the game previews (in this case Runbow) still installed on our systems to get the discount? I downloaded and played the preview, but deleted it afterwards.



A01 commented on Nintendo Confirms Super Mario Maker Console Bu...:


I can't believe how many games there are to buy during the rest of the year. It's just absurd.

Devil's Third, Super Mario Maker, Fatal Frame, Starfox Zero, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Triforce Heroes. Federation Force if that's due this year?

A fair few Indie games worth buying too.

And the non Nintendo stuff: Metal Gear 5, Fallout 4, Battlefront and maybe Mad Max.

Can anybody lend me some money?



A01 commented on Nintendo Confirms Super Mario Maker Console Bu...:


If the system breaks, you tell Nintendo and they transfer your purchases over to a new system. It's not difficult.

Granted it's not as simple as it could/should be by just logging in with your account, but people need to stop acting like you can't transfer stuff to over systems if they break. And if you just want to transfer between two working systems for whatever reason, you can do that without Nintendo involved at all.



A01 commented on Nintendo Confirms Super Mario Maker Console Bu...:


Under £20 is an exageration, unless she means used.

But many of the Wii U's recent games have been around £25 at a lot of places at or shortly after launch. Mainly Supermarkets. And sometimes Amazon. And if they're £25 on Amazon, you can use Flubit to get them for around £22 instead.



A01 commented on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and amiib...:

Not really interested in either of these.

Designing a home was the best part of Animal Crossing, but I'm just not sure about this spin off for some reason.

Certainly not interested in the Animal Crossing Amiibo.



A01 commented on Hands On: Devil's Third - Sampling Online Chao...:

Still interested. Still worried though. Mainly about the framerate.

If they can patch it to improve it, especially in the single player, that'd be grand.

I think it's safe to say this game isn't going to be a success on any real level. But I think it could become a cult classic. A lot of the problems are comedic and not game breaking. It looks like it'll fit into the "so bad it's good" category.

Some of these multiplayer modes sound fun if they're executed well. The one gun in the whole map thing is unique and could be great. And we finally have an explanation as to why there are chickens and fruit.

Biggest issue that absolutely needs solving: framerate. Solve that, and I've no doubt i'll enjoy the game.



A01 commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand on Miiverse and Its P...:

The redesign certainly looks good.

I like the idea of Miiverse on the whole but I don't use it.

I like it best when it's implemented into games, so you can see peoples comments and drawings relevant to that level/area in the game during the loading screens or one random comment next to the stage selection like on NES Remix. That sort of thing.

But as for actually launching miiverse and looking through it? No. Not interested in doing that. I doubt the redesign will change that, but it certainly looks better than it does now, so that's good.



A01 commented on Prime Day Brings a Few Deals for Nintendo Fans...:

Maybe the Wii U bundle will help the console shift a few more units if the discount is good.

Not interested in Disney Infinity. And nobody is interested in the Smurfs.

On the non Nintendo side of things, I'm interested to see how much Far Cry 4 ends up being.



A01 commented on First Impressions: Trying to Believe in Devil'...:

"trumpeted as a mature exclusive that would change the way we think about action shooters, promising to be a system seller"

Where the hell did anyone get this idea from?

The game always looked, at best, like a decent action game. Nothing more.

That sucks about the performance issues though.