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Wed 18th December, 2013

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A01 commented on Hands On: Hitting the Tracks in Mario Kart 8 D...:


It's weird how they got it so right and so wrong with different games.

Mario Karts DLC is fairly priced, especially the bundle, with a surprisingly decent amount of content.

Smash Bros DLC is some of the most unfairly and absurdly priced content I've ever seen.



A01 commented on Hands On: Hitting the Tracks in Mario Kart 8 D...:


Only complaining about 3 tracks really (one of which may turn out to be decent). Another 3 look great. The remaining 2 are fine, neither good nor bad.

I don't care about the characters or vehicles, won't use them. Not a complaint, just completely irrelevant.

And 200cc looks good.

Seems alright overall.



A01 commented on Hands On: Hitting the Tracks in Mario Kart 8 D...:

A few of the tracks look great (Big Blue, Wild woods & Ribbon road) but a couple of others look astonishingly poor. Neo Bowser City is just a bad track any which way you look at it. Possibly the worst the series has ever produced. Baby Park just seems like a wasted spot that a better track could have filled. And Super Bell Subway looked really boring, so surprised to hear that was one of the favourites.

Characters, vehicles and costumes are irrelevant. But some of the tracks look great and 200cc mode is surely going to be awesome.

Disappointed there's no Metroid track as was rumoured based on those file names.

Overall, looks good though.



A01 commented on Super Smash Bros. Club Nintendo Mewtwo Codes a...:

Perhaps I haven't been paying attention, but I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, those of us that registered both copies of the game to get free mewtwo, do we get one code for one copy of him? Or do we get two codes so we have him in both copies of the game?



A01 commented on Community Interview: Affordable Space Adventur...:

It looks so good, I'm really tempted to buy it later today, but I just can't afford to at the moment, (not complaining about the price (complaining about needing to spend £80 on a passport renewal)).

Maybe next month or June. But I'll definitely be getting it one day.



A01 commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 1st...:

Nintendo's DLC pricing is all over the place.

The Mario Kart 8 packs, whether you buy them individually or in the bundle, are absolutely exceptional value.

But the Smash Bros DLC is absurd. £3.60 per character? £5 if you want them on both copies? £1 per costume? Ridiculous.



A01 commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 1st...:

They showed a lot more than expected.

Much of it surpassing expectations considerably. Fatal Frame?!!!!!

So, what have they got left for E3?

Another Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer
First look at Starfox (if we're lucky)
Another Devil's Third trailer and maybe release date.
That new free to play game from Bandai Namco
First smart phone game.

Hopefully a lot more. If they were confident enough to show all this stuff now. I hope they've got a lot more than that listed above to show at E3.



A01 commented on Mario Kart 8 Is Getting A Blisteringly Fast 20...:


200cc will be playable online. It was mentioned in the direct.

DLC will work the same as it does with DLC pack 1. When playing online you can choose to include or exclude DLC tracks from your searches for active races.



A01 commented on Mario Kart 8 Animal Crossing DLC Pack Brought ...:

Expected to see much more of this in the Direct.

Animal Crossing level looks nice I guess, but we need to see the others.

Characters, vehicles and costumes are irrelevant. Just show us the tracks.



A01 commented on Talking Point: What We Expect from Nintendo Di...:

Absolutely no new games announced at all.

Those announcements will be saved for E3.

Mario Kart 8 DLC
Mewtwo for smash
Regular New 3DS for the Americas
Next wave of Smash Amiibo

Other than that. It'll just be new trailers and release dates for games we already know about.

Anything beyond that, I'll be astonished. If a new game is announced, I don't think I could possibly be more shocked.



A01 commented on Review: BOXBOY! (3DS eShop):

@Captain_Gonru @rjejr

It'll be a similar price to Nintendos other eShop efforts I'd imagine. Nes Remix and Pullblox. Which were both around £9 if I remember correctly.

It was only 600 yen in Japan. About $6. Which would probably translate to £9 in the UK knowing our luck.



A01 commented on Review: BOXBOY! (3DS eShop):


I think every site needs to adopt Famitsu's review system. It's the best there is.

One reviewer just isn't enough. A single persons opinion isn't sufficient for a balanced review.

Four or more reviewers per game is the best review system that exists I think.

Need to be less forgiving than Famitsu though. They score so highly all the time.



A01 commented on Review: BOXBOY! (3DS eShop):


That'd be great. They need to do that again. It was cool when they did it with NES Remix.

I'll pick it up straight away, it looks great. Review be damned.



A01 commented on Microsoft Once Had Some Pretty Wild Ideas, Inc...:


One executive of Microsoft thought they'd get the rights to Donkey Kong from buying Rare.

Microsoft, like other mega corporations, don't buy companies without knowing what they're buying. There might be idiots in the company, but so many people are involved when a company purchases another, there's no way a mistake like that could actually happen. That executive would likely have had nothing to do with the team that made the deal.



A01 commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 1st April, With ...:

Every single time a Direct has been broadcast this late, it's featured mature content.

So, unless there's a new game announced, it's going to be Devil's Third. Which is great because I really want a release for that. Second most anticipated game after Mario Maker now that Zelda has been delayed.



A01 commented on Video: Using amiibo With Captain Toad: Treasur...:


I never mentioned DLC at all.

And playing with the figures, while a nice extra for children, doesn't affect the game in any way. So my point still stands.

I'm not against the figures. I'm collecting the Smash series, and probably the Splatoon series if that rumour is true. But gameplay wise, they don't and will never add anything that can't be done without them.



A01 commented on Video: Using amiibo With Captain Toad: Treasur...:


But saving functionality could be done with the internal hdd, usb drives or even memory cards if this was 2 generations ago.

Saving is not something that only nfc figurines can achieve.

There is absolutely no functionality that nfc figurines can provide that can't be done without it.

Would the games be better or worse without the figures? It doesn't matter. The point is, they could and would work perfectly fine without them.



A01 commented on Video: Using amiibo With Captain Toad: Treasur...:


Well, that's never going to happen.

Even Skylanders and Disney Infinity would work perfectly well without the figurines.

They're accessories that just offer a different way to do things. They'll never be able to do anything that couldn't be done without them.



A01 commented on Iwata: Embracing Smart Devices Has Made Us Eve...:


And that part is technically fine.

I don't like it. But it makes sense and could work.


Because there are no gamers on iOS and Android. The people that play games on those devices don't care about characters, IPs or even what games they're playing. They just happen to have a phone, that happens to have a few games on it capable of killing a few minutes while they wait for a bus or something.

You could replace Candy Crush with absolutely any Bejeweled clone on their phones and they wouldnt care. I'd wager a large percentage of them wouldn't even notice.

They just don't care what games they're playing. They just want a few minutes killed when they're waiting for something.

They won't say "oh, that Mario Runner game was good. I bet I'll enjoy the Mario Platformers. I'll just go spend £200 on the console and £40 on the game".

I'm sure Nintendo will make money from mobile games. But they will not get a single person to switch over to dedicated gaming systems.



A01 commented on Iwata: Embracing Smart Devices Has Made Us Eve...:

You will not bring a single person across from mobile devices to dedicated gaming systems. Not a single one.

If the mobile games produce revenue to help Nintendo, then fine.

But to think you're going to get people to switch from mobile devices to gaming systems is delusional.



A01 commented on UK Retailer GAME Opens Marketplace to Sell Gam...:

I went into a GAME shop a few days ago, for the first time in about 6 years.

It was horrendous.

Xbox One had about 60% floor space.
PS4 about 10%.
Wii U, 3DS, Wii and DS had 3 Shelves at the back of the shop, right at the bottom. Most of which was used Wii and DS games. There were 4 Wii U games on display. Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Wind waker HD and Captain Toad. The first 3 were priced at £54.99. Toad was priced at £39.99. Saw a couple of 3DS system boxes, but no New 3DS and no 3DS games.

The rest of the shop was filled with second hand electronics. Tablets, phones, iPods, etc. Like it was a damn pawn broker/cash converters.



A01 commented on Life of Pixel Developer Highlights Sales Figur...:

The idea of each stage using the graphical capabilities of each different system is really cool.

I will almost certainly pick it up on Wii U.

I don't know what they were expecting with PC sales though. If you're not on steam, you don't stand a chance. With very very very few exceptions. And even then, there's so much stuff on steam nowadays it's nigh impossible to find anything good. You really need to get featured on websites a hell of a lot.

Hope the Wii U sales will be better. At under 2,000 PC sales, I'd expect the Wii U to beat that on its own. I'd be damn disappointed if it didn't.