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8bitforever commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Secures Top 10 Spot in US...:

@rjejr Just because someone doesn't own a PS4/Xbox One doesn't mean anything about being a real gamer. I have been gaming for 29 years! I will own whatever console makes me happy, and that will have ZERO impact on whether I am a "real" gamer or not. I personally don't care for first person shooters, Assassin Creed games, or sport games. However, I love Nintendo's games so I choose WiiU and 3DS. I may miss a few games but that is life. Really tired of people slamming Nintendo for simply providing good gaming experiences.



8bitforever commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach is Often Peculi...:

Funny thing is most people I know that own PS4s/Xbox Ones really don't buy a lot games outside of the yearly Call of Duty and Assain's Creed. However, I do not. I gave up my WiiU a few months back and bought a PS4 but I just couldn't get into it. Not bashing either console but it wasn't for me. Nintendo just makes the games, systems, and marketing I enjoy. My kids love it as well. People laugh when I say I am 100% Nintendo on both handheld and console, but I grew up with them and just love everything they do. It isn't for everyone but I think they will get along just fine. Especially if they finally merge their handheld and console markets. I am super excited for this E3!!!!



8bitforever commented on Mighty No. 9 Signature Edition Will Not Be Ava...:

I am a longtime Nintendo fan and pretty much stuck with Nintendo since the NES days. I recently gave up my WiiU and 3DS for a PS4 and Vita because I thought the grass has to be greener. Boy was I wrong. After several months and seeing how cool Splatoon looked, my kids finally convinced me to see the error of my ways. I traded all the Sony stuff in and got. WiiU and "New" 3DS. I couldn't be happier. These companies keep trying to screw Nintendo when we already have all the original games available to us. You can get some on PSN but they are all in Japanese. We are with the right games company for sure. We don't get buggy games like the recent Streer Fighter IV that almost wasn't playable or Wichter 3 that some people couldn't play at all. Nintendo has the highest quality games period! These third parties will wish they backed Nintendo more in the coming months and years. We have the NX and then Nintendo's mobile division. The future is the brightest for Nintendo right now. PS4 and Xbox are stuck where they are for years. I can't imagine playing the same yearly third party releases over and over. Meanwhile, Nintendo will be releasing really imaginative games and hardware. Sorry for the rant but my love for Nintendo was recently rekindled and I just get tired of the way some of these publishers treat Nintendo. Heck, most wouldn't be around without them.



8bitforever commented on ​Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Confirmed...:

I want to be excited for this game being a huge fan of his previous work. However, I need to see more. If it is running on the Unreal engine then it may not look like a Castlevania game I would want. I am keeping an open mind, but I want to see gameplay before I back anything.



8bitforever commented on Nintendo Committed To Making Smart Device Gami...:

Square announced today they were shifting to mostly mobile due to the 49% increase in revenue from it. If Nintendo has the same results, which I imagine they will, then they will likely go the same route. Sad days for console gaming I am afraid.



8bitforever commented on Pokémon White Makes Surprise Appearance in UK...:

I think Xenoblade would have been better served as an HD upgrade on the WiiU. The 3DS version doesn't look very good and that kind of grand scale game needs to be on a bigger screen. And this is from someone that loves handheld gaming. Bad decision that will likely repeat in the US as well.



8bitforever commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

@Stubborn_Monkey Excellent points! I heard that Game of War brings in millions daily and I am sure this kind of profitability is something Nintendo is interested in. And if we still want Nintendo to stay around they have to find a way to stay profitable. The WiiU has been a failure that isn't bringing in the money the way the Wii did and the 3DS is slowing as well. I don't blame them and so far their DLC isn't as bad as others.



8bitforever commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ma...:

There are a lot of opinions on both sides of this argument, but this delay will hurt overall sales for the WiiU this holiday season. Xenoblade is not a well known game and won't boost sales the way Zelda could. The rest of Nintendo's "known" lineup isn't strong either and really won't help them move WiiU off shelves. While I understand the need for the delay to make sure the finished product is good, Nintendo has to know that this is likely the last holiday season for WiiU before stores start clearancing go them off. PS4 and Xbox One are selling so well that most consumers are writing off the WiiU unless it is for their kids. It is a tough pill to swallow but the WiiU is so far the worst console they have ever developed. I would take a GameCube or N64 over it anyday. It will be the last Nintendo console I buy at launch as I don't want to get burned again.



8bitforever commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

Big disappointment. I am done with the WiiU, 2015 has one game I care about and that is it. After talking with the family we are trading it in for a PS4. Way more game choices and being a huge Dragon Quest fan I am super hyped for Dragon Quest Heroes. Maybe the NX will be better but I won't be jumping to buy another Nintendo console at launch.



8bitforever commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

As much as we can blame the scalpers, it is Nintendo that started theses things getting rare when they discontinued Marth so early. Before that they weren't on eBay and people weren't freaking out. I started collecting these but quickly have up for several reasons. First, Nintendo was shooting these out wave after wave too quickly. If you didn't preorder you didn't have a chance. Second, the rarity meant I could even complete my collection and I wasn't about to pay eBay prices. I eventually had to quit. I sold what I had and kept a few I liked. Nintendo really messed this up. They should have made more and shouldn't be making any of them rare. I can buy any Disney Infinriy figure I want with ease, but not Amiibo. I hope they are happy because this crap really pissed me off and put a black spot in my heart for the company. They have some nothing to fix it and don't seem to care as long as they are making money.



8bitforever commented on Card Format amiibo Confirmed to be Heading our...:

Nintendo just keeps doing everything wrong with Amiibo. Instead of restocking rare figures they make cards! People want the figure! The cards should have been out at the start as an alternative. I sold mine and won't buy more as it is obvious Nintendo has no clue what they are doing. I will keep collecting Infinity figures as they are easy to get.



8bitforever commented on Nintendo Shows Off Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's...:

@ikki5 I also didn't like the demo. My problem was more with the graphics. As a Vita and 3DS owner, I would have preferred a Vita version so it could at least look better. The camera was okay but only because I do have the circle pad pro. I just don't get why this game is so popular, but to each his own and I hope those that buy it have fun.



8bitforever commented on Rumour: Wave 3 amiibo Release Dates Revealed f...:

I just went to my local Toys R Us today and bought Toon Link and Sheik. They had Bowser but since they had 30 of him and only a few of the ones I bought I passed on him. The manager said Lucario had a street date of 1/30 so they couldn't sell me him yet, but I will be there on 1/30 as soon as they open.



8bitforever commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

@AshFoxX I am in the same boat myself. I have a 3DS XL and cannot see why I need to upgrade yet. I had a Vita but had to sell it due to some financial issues. However, I want another very badly since it has so many new games. I am going with Vita this time, which means I can upgrade later when there is a game I want to play forcing me to do so.



8bitforever commented on Research Firm's Black Friday Data Shows Wii U ...:

I work with a lot of "gamers", and I asked what were people planning on buying this year. The vast majority of young gamers only play the bro shooters or sports games and the rest play Assains Creed. I was shocked at how many people were buying PS4 and Xbox One just to play those games only. They are training their kids the same way too. My kids have played nothing but Nintendo their whole lives because I feel they are the best and especially for families. I don't understand going online for hours just to shoot at other people and get screamed at by 10 yr olds. The world of gamers has changed and I think in the long run Nintendi still has the best to offer. The bro shooter stuff is beginning to wear thin and now half the third parties cannot even release a game without major issues now. My family will be playing Nintendo until they go under but these stats show that a lot of parents don't care what their kids play as long as they got a good deal. I did try a PS3 for a while but wasn't happy and traded it in just in case someone wants me to try their world. We are all free to enjoy what we want, but it does worry me that so many young people only play games that involve shooting other people. Sad times indeed but I think Nintendo has legs and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.



8bitforever commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Emphasizes the Nintendo Diffe...:

The problem with other competitors is they are really pushing for cloud based gaming and things that rely on Internet connectivity. I love Nintendo because they don't force that on you and allow you to just play really good games. Steam is over hyped and only good because they offer good deals. I would much rather play nintendo games and know that they are top quality.



8bitforever commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Claims Seco...:

@JosieC84 It is sad that those types of games are what sells. I know lots of people that own a PS4 or XBone and only play COD or Battlefield. And to make matters worse, they also only play online. I cannot imagine spending all year doing nothing but running around and shooting at other people online. Sadly, these players buy day one and buy every map and weapon pack too. I would rather play a variety of games but to each his own I guess.



8bitforever commented on Nintendo Download: 13th November (North America):

In case anyone is curious, Lego Batman 3 on 3DS is awesome. It is not like the last entries and is more like part 2. The levels are no longer broken into tiny segments with timed rewards, etc. This one plays like a proper lego game!



8bitforever commented on Review: Pier Solar and the Great Architects (W...:

@SahashraLA You nailed it. While I love some of the new games, my first choice will always be the old stuff. I recently bought both Lunars to play on my PS3 and have never been happier. We are in a dying class of gamers though. I work with people that have multiple systems and ONLY play Call of Duty. To each their own I suppose but I plan to buy this one and will likely love the old quirks.



8bitforever commented on We'd Be Cheating Fans By Bringing Assassin's C...:

The real issue is the WiiU. It came out too late and now it is way behind the PS4 and Xbox One. That will never change and unless Nintendo releases a more powerful system then get used to not getting games. Honestly, Nintendo needs to focus on handhelds because they haven't got the console stuff right since the SNES days. I love Nintendo but there won't be another system if the WiiU doesn't prove sales.



8bitforever commented on Nintendo Confirms Two More Virtual Console Tit...:

@TonLoco I would even consider getting a PSP for that. The Vita's memory cards are crazy expensive. I bought a new PSP with a 32 gb card for just under $120. There are a lot of cool PSP games like the Capcom Arcade and Genesis collections that still aren't playable on Vita so PSP is better chioce plus you have much longer battery life and all the games are available digitally.



8bitforever commented on The Sega Genesis is Now 25 Years Old:

They had the best cartridge boxes! I loved mine and only got rid of it later because SNES had so many RPGs I wanted to play. I had to sell one to get the other back then. Good memories.



8bitforever commented on Feature: Where Are The Super Nintendo 3D Class...:

@Einherjar So I am not allowed to be disappointed? Oh, it was the mention of emulators that got your panties all twisted up. Facts are facts, if a game cannot be bought in today's market then it is open for emulation. I buy before I ever look to emulate anything, but in this case I don't have a choice because Nintendo won't release them except in the WiiU and I am not interested in paying $300 for that system which I have no interest in. Sorry this offends you but Nintendo could do it they just won't. If they ever did out them on the 3DS then I would be glad to buy them. I don't appreciate the way you described me either. I never attack anyone since they are entitled to their opinion. It is good to have discussion and debate but your comment was childish and stupid. I am not some teenager ranting online. I have played games for over 25 years and I have bought every game I have emulated. The problem is those games break over time and cannot easily be replaced. I owned 30 GBA games but they were lost during a move and my SNES games don't work like they used to. So make me out to be some hacker punk all you want cause it isn't the truth. I have supported Nintendo longer than some of you on here have been alive.



8bitforever commented on Feature: Where Are The Super Nintendo 3D Class...:

VC on 3DS has turned into a joke. It started out well enough but quickly started to get worse. Nintendo has a chance to make lots of money and turn the 3DS into a treasure trove of VC goodness. However, they would rather give their failed WiiU all the SNES and GBA love. It isn't going to make that system sell and it is pointless. But those games on the 3DS! I would buy the crap out of those games but I refuse to support the WiiU. I think they missed a great opportunity and I doubt they will change their minds. Sony is just as bad though. Europe gets Crash Bandicoot for Vita but not the US! I still have my PSP but it would be nice. It just bothers me that so many wonderful games exist for the GBA and SNES and we won't ever get them on VC. This is why people use emulators Nintendo! I would gladly pay for the games but until then I will emulate and enjoy them elsewhere.



8bitforever commented on 72 Million Kids Are Dying To Get Their Grubby ...:

I plan to buy every one but it won't result in me buying WiiU games, etc. I just want the figures. Nintendo will make lots of money off these for sure, but I wonder how it will impact game and system sells when so far these really don't do much. With Infinity, you have to buy the figure to even get them in game, that is not the case for these. At the moment they seem completely optional.



8bitforever commented on Mario Kart 8 Speeds Past The Two Million Copie...:

@JaxonH Problem is I had a 3DS break from a child, no fault of the system. I called Nintendo and they would not restore my purchases. This was prior to NNID. Are you saying that Nintendo has changed their position now that they have the NNID? If so I might consider it but since I lost so much the first time I am less willing to spend again.



8bitforever commented on Mario Kart 8 Speeds Past The Two Million Copie...:

Mario Kart will have legs for sure. This version is without a doubt their best. But I am still waiting on that account system. I just cannot fully commit to the WiiU until I have it. I feel now that it just isn't going to happen. I think digital sales are high enough so that Nintendo feels no need to apply one. Cross buy and an account system, it was all I wanted from Nintendo this year.