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Tue 7th Jun 2011

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3rdalbum commented on eShop Update May Cause Crashes in Ridge Racer 3D:

As many have pointed out, there's no Flash Player so no Youtube. There's no way that Flash could run on the 3DS' CPU. HTML 5 video could be a possibility in the future because the browser is a version of Netfront based on Webkit (which is the basis of Google Chrome, which supports HTML 5 Video).

Interesting to note that you can look at MPO images embedded in web pages. They appear in 2D until you hold your stylus on them and then release. It's pretty much impossible to find a web page with MPO images embedded in them though, so I made one for you:



3rdalbum commented on 3DS eShop Has Officially Opened Its Doors:

Interesting thing about the 3DS web browser: It supports MPO. If there are MPO images embedded on a web page, you hold down your stylus on them for a second and then release, and the picture will appear in 3D on the top screen. You can then save it to your SD card if you wish. Take a look at my photo album if you want to try out the feature: