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Male, 45, Germany

Wed 1st Aug 2012

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3dsgamer02 commented on Review: Crimson Shroud (3DS eShop):

After I read the review this was a instant download for me. It is really fun to play espacially if you grew up with D&D and AD&D pen and paper RPGs. It brings back a lot of memories. I strongly recommend this to everyone. For 8 bucks this is a steal.



3dsgamer02 commented on 18-Rated Content on Wii U eShop Only Accessibl...:

I think this Nintendo is just following advice from their legal department. For example, in Germany it is not allowed to ship 18 rated content to customers by mail unless customers are present at delivery, show their ID to the delivery man and sign the reception of the goods. In some European countries certain content is only allowed to be broadcasted on television after certain a time. Nintendo Europe as a Germany based company is just trying to find a way to include these regulations into their shop system in order to avoid any legal trouble.



3dsgamer02 commented on Talking Point: Selling the Wii U Concept - The...:

I actually purchased Mario U from the eShop. Never thought I would pay full retail for a download, but I really wanted to play Mario with the kids on Sunday. Since the file size is very manageable (1,7GB) it took only 40 minutes to download and 10 minutes or so to install.
I also like the idea that Nintendo gets the total profit from my purchase and that it is not split up between Nintendo and the retailer. Nintendo takes huge risks with every hardware release and I really want them to survive to supply us with great and innovative products for a long time to come.
I still don't believe that I will use the eShop for large titles, since I do not want to run a harddrive permanentely with the WiiU.



3dsgamer02 commented on Talking Point: What Do You Think of 3DS XL?:

For me the XL is a mixed bag. I got my XL on Friday and had the time to try a number of my 3DS games on the XL. For most games I enjoy the larger screens of course. Zelda 3D for example is very nice on the larger screen. Kid Icarus is another story. Due to the increased weight it is uncomfortable for me to hold the XL when playing the game using the stylus control scheme. In addition to that the earphone jack is too far on the left side on the XL. When I hold the console while playing Kid Icarus I always touch the earphone plug.
Due to the large screen I will keep my XL. For travel and some games I will still use my old 3DS system (this is when I can manage to steal it from my wife ).