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Pain and Suffering.

Male, United States

I'm not as the fan of all fans but I'm the fan of the 3DS. 3DSfan134. Like I was before, I've joined this site and made some friends here. For example, DeviousCrossing. There were Animal Crossing and others but now it's Pokemon.

Wed 19th June, 2013

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3DSfan134 commented on Nintendo Apologises for Nintendo Network Issue...:

Well I guess it's back. The Nintendo eShop and all of the services are back and Nintendo gave us the "all clear" saying. All I can say is that Pokemon Bank and Transporter may be coming out on the eShop by next year I guess. ;)



3DSfan134 commented on Video: Nintendo Releases a Pokémon Series Sho...:

Can't believe that they made a video of the Pokemon series.Might go to Nintendo World to see the display.And maybe go do some battles with other people there.And thanks to Nintendo because this is my first Pokemon game I've played.