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3MonthBeef commented on Fantasy Life Offers Multiple Ways to Connect W...:

Seems like the Jobs system from the Final Fantasy series. So I'm a bit disappointed in that since I thought the class you chose would be permanent for that play-through. Would have been cool to have the save the world adventure tailored through the experience of a miner, angler or paladin without actually having to switch between anyone of those during the quest.



3MonthBeef commented on Weirdness: Check Out this LEGO Bob-Omb Battlef...:

i keep thinking you will rarely, if ever, see someone try to accomplish something like this with more mature themed games. Its the simple fun games that appeal to most people and is more accessible in this way.

Will we ever see a LEGO Bioshock level, Resident Evil or Tomb Raider?



3MonthBeef commented on Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams'...:

@SamirMalik Yes I agree other companies have done a similar thing. Bu this is Nintendo we're talking about it and they have a reputation of keeping this business strictly about the games. Not making subtle political commentary or otherwise. Like I said I thing for Nintendo's position it sbest to keep what's real and current in our daily lives separate from the events of the game worlds they present to us.

Again other companies can and do this sort of thing but, again Nintendo is more traditional in how they proceed. I mean they didn't include their former president in any game as some way of honoring him so to do so much for a celebrity I can see it from their perspective as kind of off base or out of character, which again could set unwanted precedence down the road.



3MonthBeef commented on Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams'...:

@MrGawain I agree. Gamer fans would find something wrong and that could hurt Nintendo. They shied away from the same-sex misunderstanding in Tomodachi Life so this I figure they will steer clear from incorporating into their games. Now other companies do this kind of thing: Mega Man using rock legend allusions Axl Rosered = Axl from Guns and Roses for example. But this is NIntendo.



3MonthBeef commented on Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams'...:

1. There are degrees of appropriateness and level regarding that, given the context centered around this discussion.
2. I know that. Be just as weird if the Final Fantasy VI remakes included Luciano Pavarotti or some likeness along side Celes during her Opera performance. It takes away from the immersion of the gaming experience.

Plus how does one capture Robin in the game? By the characters he played on screen or the man he was?

But that's just me with my opinion is all.



3MonthBeef commented on Feature: HD Remasters That Would Be Perfect fo...:

I'm one of hte few that chose none of the above and here's why:
1) Might as well make SMG 3, plus SMG 2 was recent within reason
2) Metroid Prime Triology, same reason as above
3) The two racing games mechanics are straight forward enough that it would benefit more with a new game the introduces new mechanics.

If they could I rather see:
No More Heroes (utilizing the Wii Motion Plus for better swordplay)
Sin and Punishment (part 1) to keep up pacing with its sequels aesthetic
Castlevania 64 (the intended full version of the game). Wii Motion Plus controls or Pro controller options.



3MonthBeef commented on Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams'...:

People's emotions are high but we the gamers need to be objective. The petition is basically asking us to incorporate a real world element into a fantasy world; and mixing the two together would bring about the wrong kind of experience over the game itself.

Think a few years after the game releases, his presence in the game can be a sad undertow to some, while unintentional. Plus, an American actor in Japanese purely fantasy game? That's a lot of barriers Nintendo be crossing with their isolated universe. Its a lot to introduce and could set an unwelcomed precedence.

There's a stealing of thunder aspect to it which in the knee jerk reaction might be good but in the long run can mire the gaming experience.



3MonthBeef commented on New Project CARS Screenshots Race Into View:

Yey, more screenshots from the PC version sarcasm
By the time the Wii U version comes out it will be 20% cheaper on the other systems. The other consoles aren't slouching with their offerings making them the better choice over Wii U's lack of on-time third party games.



3MonthBeef commented on Preview: Exploring Black Magic in Bayonetta 2:

"Some potential Nintendo influence is perhaps found in the brighter, more vibrant colour palette....", I've been hearing that the Wii U has some sort of limitation in reaching deep black levels and contrast issues (by design) which is why Nintendo tends to stick to more vibrant colors for their games; and extension shares that knowledge with other devs.

So imagining if Resident Evil remake were coming to Wii U it wouldn't produce dark rooms and corridors to much of the intended effect as the other consoles might. Why Nintendo?? Why?



3MonthBeef commented on Shin'en Multimedia to Finally Show Off Fast Ra...:

What is wrong with developers announcing projects too early? I mean did they even have a working....anything last year? Don't announce your project unless you have at least a mock up developed. Note I didn't say in development.

I mean what exactly are you gaining by saying your making a game that will be out next year or even two years? I can do that too if this is the accepted trend. I might as well claim I'm making Contra-like game set to release in 2020.



3MonthBeef commented on Review: Mega Man 5 (Wii U eShop / NES):

@Zeldalover MM3 and MM2 are a tie to me. I look at this way: MM3 was more serious in tone and difficulty. There was real sense of threat to MM having to fight the previous MM2 robot Masters again which added tension and you had to figure out which of your weapons would actually work since it wasn't as clear cut than from MM2.

MM2 was just the template which all followed. From the music, the art direction, pacing and the enemies. It was the one that really started it all.

If there's one complaint I had about MM3 it would be that it was too long.



3MonthBeef commented on Review: Mega Man 5 (Wii U eShop / NES):

@Link506 Most people consider their favorite Mega man title per its sub-series. MM2 and MM3 are considered the best of the original NES Mega Man titles. You would do the same for the X series, Battle Network and so on and so forth. They're all just too different to deem one reigning title across all sub-series.



3MonthBeef commented on Bravely Default Flutters Gracefully Past The O...:

Square-Enix and all the other japanese devs who abandoned the japanese gaming style were totally stupid for changing their formula. I can't even understand what made them ALL change direction? Were they really afraid of Skyrim? FallOut?

Sounds like Square-Enix is actually growing a new brain and getting their act together. Capcom, I'm not so sure. At least the AA dev houses (Atlus, Tri-Ace, Platinum games) are keeping it real.



3MonthBeef commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

Looking the reveals poll you can almost see why third-parties aren't too keen on bringing big name titles to the Wii U. Nobody would likely buy those, but instead rather by a friendlier version. Splatoon is the perfect example of this, such high marks for a new shooter IP. Just an observation, not railing.

Also its smart that Nintendo at least is branching into other categories. They have their audience friendly shooter (which is smart). They have their JRPG with XCX (Xenoblade Chronicles X). They have their sexy action brawler in Bayonetta double check. If Nintendo can keep Bayonetta and X on their roster permanently then they will have games in each genre to serve as their starter platforms to showcase to developers for future consoles or gaming strategies.



3MonthBeef commented on Star Fox on Wii U to Support Local Co-Op With ...:

If the concept is anything like Steel Diver then it should be all good. I routinely use the 3DS gyroscope to survey the area. I only wonder how it will work in a frenetic pace like StarFox?

However, considering how my arms would get tired after a while I think Nintendo would be better off making a VR headset.



3MonthBeef commented on Nintendo Revenue Claims on Mario Kart 8 YouTub...:

There's always the potential side benefit to the content creators to receive special goodies from Nintendo for making Let's Play videos and sharing the profit. They might get special invites, tech, collaborative media exposure, etc.



3MonthBeef commented on Ubisoft Reconfirms Watch Dogs For Fall 2014 Re...:

From what I've gathered regarding the graphics they aren't anywhere near the polish and sheen we saw at E3 2012 for PS4. Its like slightly better PS3 graphics (not bad just not next-gen looking) with the added power to provide better real-time weather effects. Gameplay overall is nice but there are details missing that are better captured in GTAV or IV can't remember. this matters when they market the game as this super real detailed world that reacts to you.

This is concerning to me because I hinged my purchase of a PS4 on this game. Now I'm not so sure. May have to bite the bullet and get a Wii U instead.



3MonthBeef commented on Nintendo Announces The GameCube Controller Ada...:

@retro_player_22 I agree with what you said in earlier posts about the controller. There certainly a place for some specialized games (I played Duck Hunt) but as you said before something is definitely wrong when controllers are being pumped out of the factory more as solutions than anything else.

My point was stating from a development, and also marketing standpoint to a degree, Nintendo should have made it clear the Wii U machine would be a hub for different play styles. Somehow get the message across that for certain games you can only play it with one type of controller. Forget multi-controller support all together. It would save them the headache of having to adapt game to handle different configurations and level the overall playing experience for all gamers.

What makes me say this is I have Iwata's blue ocean QoL strategy jargon in my head and to me having these multiple controllers can at least be spun as a QoL type of direction. It would show me these pumped controller options were at least somehow apart of a grandeur scheme. But the reality is Nintendo made a mess and is trying to clean up and streamline everything. Its not huge, but it is unseemly of them.

They need to make games that scream out what controller is needed for what game. Battle Clash (required the SNES SuperScope) is a great example. If I saw in the store a game that had on the box "only for Wii U Gamepad" or "[Game title] only for Wiimote" with pictures of the controller right there on the box I wouldn't feel surprised.

Now there are icons on the back but that now has become to mean that the game also works with such and such controller and I think the best way to break away from that trend is to have a small yet noticeable picture of ONE controller on the front of the box. Clear as day. No fuss. No muss. When SSMB4 comes out on Wii U it should ideally be the GC controller on the front of the box.

The Wii U is a fan service made system at this point.



3MonthBeef commented on Nintendo Announces The GameCube Controller Ada...:

@retro_player_22 No gamer left behind I suppose. What bothers me is if Ninty ever decides to change to inputs for the latest console iteration you have to buy adapters all over again. I'm not saying they will but its a possibility.

It also further suggests Nintendo should have sold the Gamepad separately. and perhaps focused on either a more powerful console or fixed their whole online operation/strategy. People are already customizing their play style with different controllers, why single the Gamepad out especially if its severely under utilized?

As it stands the Gamepad is largely a forced upon yet rarely used special item. I feel the Wiimote is perfect. Offers truly unique gameplay and all Nintendo had to do was ride on that and slap HD or improved online experience on the box. In that case then a proper name change would have worked, like Super Wii just to make sure people knew it was a new console.

And I'm starting to see something with all of this:
Gamepad: Super casual games (i.e Wii Sports Club)
Wii U Pro Controller: Action/Games
Wiimote: Platformers
Wii Fit: Exercise/aerobic sport games
And now you have other peripherals (i.e nostalgic games, remakes or sequels with unchanged formulas; like SSMB4)

It would save Nintendo much headache to try to add support for 4-5 different controllers for one game rather than just stating which controller to get that is compatible with game "X." It also levels the playing field in cases where you're playing online like CoD Black Ops 2. Some people might have advantage depending on the type of controller their using, and that's unfair.

Any new player to SSMB will likely use the (rather large) gamepad and get his a$$ handed to him because his opponent is a veteran who knows the GC controller is the better form-factor for that game. That sucks and is unfair.



3MonthBeef commented on Nintendo Announces The GameCube Controller Ada...:

That's good news (sort of). At this rate Nintendo will need to produce controllers for every specialize game mechanic. Its getting kind of ridiculous.
GameCube Controller
Wii U Pro Controller
Then you have your third party controllers. They might as well re-release every controller ever made and make adapters. Why short yourself Nintendo? Go the distance. NES, SNES, N64 controllers and adapters. Let's have 'em.



3MonthBeef commented on Exclusive: Lost Wii Game, Sadness, To Be Reviv...:

@PvtOttobot Could be interpreted in one of two ways: 1) starting the nails in place then quickly and methodically hammering each of the in place (started nails) down. As oppose to hammering each nail fully down one at a time. 2) The act of hammering out is the act of nailing down. Taking out the hammer (hammering out) to do work. Nailed down to mean tasks completed.



3MonthBeef commented on Nintendo Reports Financial Losses As Expected,...:

Nintendo would have been better off just selling the Wii. Its sold almost half as much as the damn Wii U for crying out loud. They could have done that while making the next-next gen console in secret going through test runs. I think the secrecy alone would get consumers pumped.



3MonthBeef commented on NPD Results Bring Solid 3DS Numbers as Wii U S...:

@S-Miyahon I've been back and forth about this myself. The Wii is cheaper and has a huge backlog of games. The Wii U is more expensive and has few Wii U titles worth getting(interject personal preferences).

Wii U is backward compatible but without a healthy pipeline of titles to occupy the time you just have a $300 dust magnet.

I don't think its much of a stretch to say the Wii U will be gone in 3 years. That gives them time to release Zelda U, X, a core Mario game and that's it by third year of the console's existence. By this year you'll have Bayo, Mario Kart 8 and maybe, maybe, SSB. The remainin two years will be indie titles and maybe three more first party titles. I doubt you'll see Metroid on it as there won't be enough time to generate sequels for it and would be kind of a wasted effort.