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Male, United States

I'm 3DSfan134! My favorite games that I like are Smash, Mario, Mother/Earthbound, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing. That's all I can say for me.

Wed 19th Jun 2013

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3DSfan134 commented on The GameCube is 13 Years Old:

Happy birthday GameCube. I've enjoyed you with the games such as Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Party and Sonic Mega Collection. And also Stairfax Temperatures.



3DSfan134 commented on The Game Boy is 25 Years Old in North America:

Pokemon is another reason the GameBoy is the best. Even Kirby's Dream Land! Happy 25th anniversary of the best handheld hence DS or 3DS. Can we hope for a classic GameBoy stage for Super Smash Bros.?

And let's have these kids think of the GameBoy....