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United Kingdom

Wed 25th July, 2012

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3DS_excel commented on Poll: Would You Buy Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U?:

I would definitely have bought it for Wii U. Instead I got it for PS3. Despite what people's view on the game are, it is a big mistake IMO for it not to be on Wii U. The added features the touchpad could have brought to the game as well as probably slightly better graphics, than the current gen, could have helped boost sales and improved the image of the Wii U to non owners.



3DS_excel commented on Talking Point: The Year of Luigi Could Bring a...:

@MeowGravy Isn't there meant to be a yoshi game in production?

I'm looking forward to the new titles :-) I don't understand the moaning though... There have been multiple Mario/Luigi (+ other universe characters) games since forever on all of the Nintendo platforms. I think people must enjoy them or they would have stopped making them years ago.



3DS_excel commented on Some Euro Wii U Buyers Reporting A Distinct La...:

I had my Nintendoland. It wasn't factory sealed and contained a club Nintendo voucher. I was surprised by this as I'm sure I read that when the register your premium bundle it adds Nintendoland automatically? Unless I read it wrong :-/



3DS_excel commented on Feature: Wii U Launch Day, Live!:

An hour+ initial update. I'll be sure to start this off and leave the game pad charging and go and walk the dog or something :-) Just under 2 weeks to wait!



3DS_excel commented on Wii U Price And Release Dates Confirmed:

For those saying that this is expensive, its probably the new controller that's putting the price higher, it's gotta be worth £80. Plus I wouldn't worry what other countries pay as its swings and roundabouts, they pay more for other stuff etc. plus in USA they pay sales tax on items most places and this is added on afterwards, unlike UK prices which already have VAT added.