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Wed 21st Dec 2011

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3DSFanST commented on 3DS to Hit 4 Million Sold in Japan Sooner Than...:

I created an account just to post here, Nintendo will not end up like Sega, enough with the trolling, many people including my friends said "the 3DS is a failure" they based this on the launch which had no S-rank titles/franchises, except Street Fighter, but we are way past that, In Japan there is Monster Hunter and Gundam, here there is the latest games in the Mario and Mario Kart franchises, they cut the price as well, plus another reason why Nintendo will not end up like Sega is because their franchises are more memorable than Sega's and also they did not screw up Mario like the gaming community judges Sega to have screwed up Sonic when it went 3D, Nintendo may have their failures compared to other companies like Sony and Microsoft, but they were never as bad as Sega with their Sega CD, 32X, Saturn and even Dreamcast...The Dreamcast was not as much as a failure as the aforementioned systems...Nintendo is here to stay, the Wii U despite it's odd controller with that perhaps unnecessary built in screen has it's audience as well, it's all about the games and Nintendo has got them, their franchises have been really good for years, no decline in quality or the ratings and it's fans recognize that...Nintendo is perhaps back on top, and there it will stay for the foreseeable future.