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Fri 28th Feb 2014

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321zigzag1 commented on Nintendo and Philips Sign Global Patent Licens...:

@Kirk It's not so clear cut in fact the agreement seems pretty neutral. There have been some people spoke about Nintendo made a counter patent agreement charges in response as in "patent inability proceedings" and more.
It says "Cross licensing" which really is a broad thing and not enough to say Nintendo is trying to save face. There is also the QOL factor we could consider here.



321zigzag1 commented on Nintendo Switching Off Wi-Fi Connection Servic...:


Yep that is apparently the situation. It was discussed in Neogaf thread and still right now to an extent.

What most people don't realize that Nintendo Wifi (being archaic and all) was run by Gamespy not Nintendo themselves.

However Gamespy was sold to Glumobile over a year ago and they apparently were centered around controversial decisions of shutting down servers without warning so they can extort higher fees. If this happened with Nintendo, its likely Nintendo didn't want to deal with more BS on their part.

Although Nintendo officially stated they wanted to free up resources for MK8 and new Smash, I believe the Glumobile debacle probably played a role in this.

And yes this whole server shutdown is awful. Pokémon communiies, MKwii, and Project M probably the most affected. Most others not so much unless you are talking Layton puzzles.