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Tue 3rd Jun 2008

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31monkeys commented on Nintendo: "Hard Drives Are For Geeks":

Ok I have owned my Wii for a year and a half also and I love VC! I have close to 90 VC games and 6 Wiiware games along with all of the channels. I purchased a 2 gig sd card knowing that I will run out of space and all of my games and channels are stored on that card. I would absolutely love to be able to launch the games from the sd card but NOOOOOOoo nintendo dont want us to do that! I have ran out of space a long ass time ago and i want to have the option to browse my games that I paid for and select what I want when I want, not this crap of having to copy or re-download them when I want to play. With WW tittles chugging along and a good portion of them I will buy and have bought but the problem is space! I dont think we should have to remove 3 to whatever amount of games to fit one ww tittle, dont get me wrong I want the games to be large beautiful complex games but 512mb is abysmal! I and the rest of Nintendo fans will pay for a HDD or a fee to let us use an sd card. COME ON NINTENDO DONT FORGET THE PEOPLE WHO GOT YOU WHERE YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!