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Tue 22nd Jun 2010

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256Bit commented on Review: Cave Story (WiiWare):

it's beautiful and fun. awesome gameplay! reminds me alot of Wonderboy in Monsterworld. Thank you Nintendo for porting this gem.



256Bit commented on Review: Super Return of the Jedi (Virtual Cons...:

My first SNES game ever. sniff. Ah, the memories. SRotJ is by far the best Star Wars game of the SNES-trilogy. Its capability to capture the Star Wars-vibe in graphics, music and even gameplay is impressive and I love how you can use a cheat to play every character in any stage.



256Bit commented on Review: Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Virtual Consol...:

9/10, that's an impressive score. SG&G is cool, no doubt, but I wouldn't call it perfect, especially if one considers how early in the system's lifespan it was released. But I'm definitely not complaining here. It's a challenging and fun platformer and compared to the unbeatable PSP installment, it's almost fair.



256Bit commented on Harvest Moon:

I find it addictive, but not especially thrilling. Often too much time passes without anything happening. Anyway, it's way cooler than a certain browser game that has recently come to fame.



256Bit commented on ActRaiser:

One of the best Super Nintendo titles and one of my all time favorite games ever. Gameplay, graphics and music are excellent, it's challenging and has really high replay value. Also, has anybody ever managed to get the highscore for every single city? I've looked up the strategy and it's mad how tricky it is.