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Nintendo once, Nintendo forever

25, Spain

Wed 27th Jun 2012

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-KwB- commented on Satoru Iwata Explains Reduced Projections and ...:

No, come on, if you check the Wii did much better, they just didn't think the casual market would so vanished and destroyed by those dumb android and iphone games .. ! The hardcore market went to xbone or ps4 !



-KwB- commented on Nintendo Confirms Major Reductions In Sales an...:

Everything went wrong:

-Sonic from SEGA didn't deliver
-Rayman delay
-No games in early 2013
-Wii Fit U, Wii Party U etc. failed to get the attention of the casual market
-Super Mario 3D World, despite being great, didn't attract the huge mass
-Lowering the price of Wii U didn't help AT ALL !
-Pikmin 3 didn't had any major impact
-And of course players that don't buy third party games ...
-This year again they proved to the outside developers that there's no reason why to invest on Wii U

  • Anythig more ??

It is just .. everything of Nintendo's expectancies for the Wii U have FAILED .. it must be so frustrating for them .. incredible