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Wednesday28th Feb 2018

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    Review Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition

    Dōmo arigatō, mister roboto(s)

    Watt and Volt, the two robotic protagonists (whom we still can’t believe are not related to Chibi-Robo) have been around since 2013 when Twin Robots debuted on the Ouya. They have since trekked their way over to Steam and Wii U, now returning for the ‘Ultimate Edition’ on Nintendo Switch. So is this truly t

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    Review Escape Trick: 35 Fateful Enigmas

    Derren Brown's knock-off

    Whenever someone reminisces about the “escape from a locked room” genre, their first thoughts are usually of the Nonary games, 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors on Nintendo DS and its follow up, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward on Nintendo 3DS. They were defining releases on their respective consoles, and for...

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    Review The Final Station

    All aboard the apocalypse train!

    Do My Best's very first game is now boarding on Nintendo Switch with The Final Station. From afar it might look like a mere curious train simulator/zombie shooter hybrid presented in a retro pixelated wrapper. However, once you board this train you will quickly realise you are quite unable to stop this journey...

  • News Real Bout Fatal Fury Is Reality Next Week On Nintendo Switch

    Calling all wolves

    You can't keep a good bad guy down and Geese Howard certainly just keeps on going; the proverbial thorn on the Bogard brothers and South Town paw is coming back next week once again to make life miserable for people of good values and kittens... probably kittens (he always seemed like a dog person to us). HAMSTER is keeping up its...

  • Feature These Five Switch Accessories Are Too Stupid to be True

    And yet here they are

    As with any successful video games console, many manufacturers out there have been trying their hand at creating accessories they believe people will want. Most of the time these are fine or forgettable, but these five are so ridiculous it's amazing they exist at all. This one doesn't really need explanation. The only time...

  • Feature The Harp Twins Reflect On Their First Ever UK Tour

    "We felt so honored to be so warmly welcomed by our UK fans"

    We last spoke to The Harp Twins way back in 2012, but we've featured their music in various articles over the years since, especially when they do anything Zelda-themed! Musicians Camille and Kennerly Kitt combine the serene sound of the harp with a dynamic live shows and...

  • News Peter Molyneux's The Trail: Frontier Challenge Is Out Right Now On Switch

    Walk on by

    Did we miss a memo? Is this the week for developers to stealth release their games, seemingly out of nowhere? First there was Outlast: Bundle Of Terror and now here's 22Cans' The Trail: Frontier Challenge, right there on the eShop without warning or fanfare. The latest game from the indie studio set up veteran developer Peter Molyneux...

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    Review A Normal Lost Phone

    No signal

    There’s something to be said about the power of telling a story through the environment, utilising details and objects to portray a simple narrative in a more tactile way than simple text or dialogue. What would it be like, then, if this kind of storytelling was attempted in a digital environment? Using pictures and smartphone apps to...

  • Hardware Review Hyperkin Supa Retron HD: Time To Dust Off Those SNES Carts

    UPDATE: UK launch now confirmed for March

    For a wide range of reasons, the public's interest in retro gaming has arguably never been higher. New players are being drawn into this fascinating corner of the industry to explore the origins of characters like Mario and Sonic, while veterans who still bear the scars of the '80s and '90s console wars are...

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    Review Ace Of Seafood

    Making anemones

    The Japanese have a word for "bad" video games: Kusoge. It is used to describe titles which, despite the best intentions of their creators, fall desperately short in terms of quality and contain many moments of (perhaps unintentional) humour and mirth. Ace Of Seafood most certainly feels like Kusoge; clearly produced on a small...

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    Review Radiation Island

    Caution: Video gaming hazard

    The year is 1943. You were having a fantastic day in your highly-paid, no-questions-asked US Navy post until you took part in the top secret ‘Philadelphia Project’. It was supposed to make the ships invisible to radar but something went terribly wrong and suddenly an entire island materializes out of thin air next to...

  • News Move Over Baby Mario, Coffin Dodgers Is Bringing Geriatric Kart Racing To Switch

    Youth has no age, but Death has a scythe!

    Just when you thought we couldn't get another kart racer, here comes Coffin Dodgers to give you yet another alternative to the rather lovely Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Wales Interactive and Milky Tea Studios are bringing their dark comedic kart racer to the Switch eShop on 13th March 2018.  Coffin...