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    Review Zero Time Dilemma

    Closing time

    Imagine you're out jogging, near home, on your usual route. You come to a fork in the path where you always turn right, but just before you do you spot a snail making its way across the sidewalk. You swerve left to avoid it, and head down the left route for the first time. What would you find there? What could happen to you? How could...




  • Video Meet the Cast of Zero Time Dilemma in This New Trailer

    Such drama... in Japanese

    Update: Now there's a localised version of the trailer, below: Original Article: Zero Time Dilemma is one of our most anticipated 3DS games this year, arriving on 3DS in North America and Europe on 28th June; the third volume of the 'Zero Escape' series promises to clarify and explain story aspects from its brilliant...

  • Gallery Gawk At 3DS Screens for Zero Time Dilemma

    Like on Vita, but slightly fuzzier

    In early March we shared some rather attractive Famitsu scans and screenshots of Zero Time Dilemma, the upcoming third part of the series that's very much on our radar, especially as it's heading to the West on 28th June. Handsome as those shots were, they were mostly of the Vita version, which makes use of the...



  • News The Zero Time Dilemma Watch Goes For a Metallic Style

    Aksys suggests future stock outside of pre-orders

    Gamers with a love for narrative-driven experiences are likely fans of 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, and the pleasing news is that the third entry in the series - Zero Time Dilemma is coming to 3DS this year.