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    Into the woods

    A year walk -- or "Årsgång" -- is an archaic form of divination in Swedish folklore, in which a person would deprive themselves of sleep and food in a dark room for 24 hours to then venture through the woods towards the local parish. Certain nights, such as New Year's Eve, were said to be better suited than others for a successful...

  • News These Disturbing Year Walk Bedtime Stories for Awful Children May Haunt Your Dreams

    "The boy screamed, but before anyone could hear his cries for help..."

    Year Walk is now just a couple of weeks away from release on the Wii U eShop, with developer Simogo teaming up with Dakko Dakko to produce a definitive version of the game. As was explained to us in an interview with both studios recently, the "GamePad becomes the link between...