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  • Video Here's What WWE 2K18 Looks Like On Switch

    Stores apparently getting stock any day now, but still no release date

    Nope, it doesn't look quite like that, although we kinda wish it did. It looks more like this: EDIT: The video has been removed. Boo. We still don't have a release date for WWE 2K18 on Switch, but YouTube user Gruby Nerd has apparently managed to get his hands on a...

  • News Don't Worry, Switch WWE Fans - 2K Hasn't Forgotten About You

    "Switch release date is coming soon"

    WWE 2K18 may be out on other systems, but Switch owners are still waiting for a solid release date, and the lack of a confirmed day has led some to speculate that the game may even slip into 2018. To add to this confusion, Amazon has been contacting those who have preordered the game in the UK with some rather...

  • News Physical Version Of WWE 2K18 Requires A 24GB Download To Play

    Heavyweight champion

    Not so long ago we reported on the news that the eShop version of WWE 2K18 - which still doesn't have a solid release date, amazingly - would require 32GB of storage space, making a MicroSD card a necessity. Those of you expecting the physical version to be a different story are going to be disappointed, as it has been...



  • News 2K Goes for a Chokehold With Its WWE 2K18 Season Pass

    Packs galore

    WWE 2K18 will arrive in 'Fall' on Nintendo Switch, bringing wrestling back to Nintendo hardware. As is the modern way there'll be a season pass, offering various extras if you put down a bit more cash; the question is whether the content is worth picking up. The DLC is all coming to the Switch, so Nintendo gamers won't miss out. The...