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  • News The Donkey Kong High Score Has Been Topped Again

    How high can you get?

    Donkey Kong has long since been a popular game for aspiring world record holders to challenge in hopes of being the "King of Kong". Mario and Donkey Kong's inaugural debut may seem to be a simple enough game, but competitors have been battling for years over the crown, continuously pushing the limits of what was thought to be...





  • News English Girl Becomes Biggest Collector of Pokémon Memorabilia

    She caught 'em all - and then some

    21 year old Lisa Courtney was declared the biggest Pokémon collector of them all by the Guinness Book of Records 2010 with over 12,000 items. Courtney started collecting 'em all 13 years ago. She found it a relief from the bullying she suffered from school at the time due to a physical disability. Since Guinness last counted she has reported the collection has..

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