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    Review Epic Word Search Collection

    Searching for Simpsons, Sausages, Slayer and Skateboarding

    The word "epic" sure gets thrown around a lot these days. The vast cosmos is epic, the unfathomable depths of the ocean are epic, but so is this sandwich I just ate, you guys! SO EPIC! Perhaps some of the meaning has been lost, but even the crankiest purists would have to admit that Epic...


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    Review Word Search by POWGI

    No explanation needed

    If you've read our review of the Wii U version of Word Search by POWGI, you'll know that this download takes a no-frills approach to translating a very popular paper-based puzzle to a screen. However, while the Wii U version at least tries to add a tiny bit more variety with a very limited multiplayer mode, this portable...

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    Review Word Search by POWGI

    Finding words, one letter at a time

    Sometimes, a game's title tells you very little about its content. What do titles like "Bayonetta" scream to you when read? Meanwhile, a game with a title such as Word Search by POWGI pretty much tells you everything you need to know about this download. Within each of the 300+ levels you're given a grid filled...