Tag: Wiiware Release Dates

  • News Europe Finally Gets Overturned on February 12th

    Mecha madness hits WiiWare shortly

    Until now, European fans of giant robots have been crying into their Transformers pillowcases about the state of the Wii's 'bot back catalogue, their tears ever saltier by the long delay in seeing Overturn: Mecha Wars reach European shores. Originally announced for a European release last April, Gamebridge has just...

  • News Aha! I Found It Coming to NA January 25th

    Quirky Japanese WiiWare title comes stateside.

    Ateam Inc have just announced that their hit Japanese WiiWare game Aha! I Found It will be released on the North American WiiWare service on January 25th for 500 Wii Points. A MULTIPLAYER HIDDEN OBJECT GAME FOR EVERYONE "Aha! I Found It!" Hidden Object Game is a game that everyone can have fun with. Do your best and try to find 12..