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News: Wii U Branded Remotes Feature External Sync Button

Wii U Branded Remotes Feature External Sync Button

Nintendo's making sure everyone's in sync

Impatient gamers rejoice! Nintendo Connect has discovered that Wii U-branded remotes will sport a handy, external sync button. As a result, players will no longer be required to remove the remote's battery cover in order to sync it with their console. Located on the underside of the remote, this surprise...

News: Sony Boss Praises Wiimote Design

Sony Boss Praises Wiimote Design

Surprising support from the (soon to be departed) Sony exec

Nintendo’s controller design philosophy has found an ally from the most unlikely of courses – former Sony head man Phil Harrison. Harrison, who is soon to part company with the Japanese electronics firm after 15 years of service, commented that modern videogame controllers are simply too complex for most gamers: You hand somebody a..

News: “Everything In Moderation” Says Nintendo

“Everything In Moderation” Says Nintendo

The Big N responds to internet scare-stories

Nintendo has responded to negative comments regarding the implications of playing too much Wii by insisting that the machine is perfectly safe, so long as players don’t “overdo it”. The advice came from the lips of Nintendo PR-guru Anka Dolecki and was intended to counter the flood of complaints from Wii owners claiming to suffer from problems such..

News: Wiimote Used For VR Research

Wiimote Used For VR Research

Is there no end to the versatility of the Wii?

Remember Virtual Reality? Back in the ‘90s everyone thought it would change the way we played games forever, and thanks to (quite poor) movies like The Lawnmower Man we actually believed the hype. Then it just sort of died. Some argued that the technology wasn't powerful enough, but others pointed out that users often felt sick when playing VR games..

News: Nintendo Breaking Patent Law With The Wiimote?

Nintendo Breaking Patent Law With The Wiimote?

The latest courtroom drama from the US

It seems that both Sony and Nintendo may have a fight on their hands thanks to a patent dispute currently doing the rounds in the US. This follows on from Sony’s humiliating courtroom defeat at the hands of Immersion Corporation, which effectively cost the Japanese giant $100 million in damages and forced them to remove controversial rumble technology from..