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  • Weirdness New York Times Finally Issues a Correction for Describing the Mario Bros. as Janitors in 1988

    The error was spotted in Hiroshi Yamauchi's obituary

    Writers and journalists, no matter the prestige of their publication, make mistakes. Facts are incorrect or the wording may be wrong, and corrections are made. The New York Times, in an admirable sense of perspective and maintaining standards, has corrected an error from an article published 25...

  • Feature The Weird World of Video Games

    Weirdness makes the World go 'round

    Sometimes it feels like this video gaming hobby of ours can be a dreadfully serious business. We worry about the direction of brands we love — in many of our cases, of course, Nintendo — or perhaps we get hot and bothered about what games are coming, those that aren't, or a myriad of other things. There are...

  • Weirdness Watch Nearly 1000 Mario Players All At Once

    Super Mario Boy

    For those that have played Super Meat Boy, which unfortunately never made it to a Nintendo system, a highlight can be the replay that follows every completed level — all of your attempts are shown at once. If you can imagine that with a Super Mario Bros. level, but with 974 players on display, then you can imagine what's coming...

  • Weirdness If Only The Dark Knight Was a Retro Game

    "Wanna know how I got these scanlines?"

    Just yesterday we shared the fact that there's a retro-styled Game of Thrones game, which draws inspiration from the TV show. To continue that theme we now have a video that recreates The Dark Knight as it would be in a retro game; this is a rather fun recreation of key events as they could work in a game of...

  • Weirdness There's a Game of Thrones 8-Bit Game

    Watch out, HBO

    For those that aren't actually aware, Game of Thrones was around long before it arrived as a big-budget behemoth on TV; the original book was called A Game of Thrones and was book one in the series titled A Song of Ice and Fire, which is still going — hats off to you, George R. R. Martin. There's no doubt that the TV series has...

  • Weirdness Robots Play Classic Nintendo Music and Sound Effects

    The wonders of 8-bit games and the greatest low-cost PC in the world

    Sometimes clever people take a creative idea and then lovingly wrap it in gaming nostalgia, often posting the results on YouTube. A fine thing it is too, as it all adds to gaming culture and, ultimately, the best examples can be hugely entertaining. YouTube user roboband...

  • Weirdness These "Anywhere Buttons" Look Daft Wherever You Are

    Use these things in public, we dare you

    Hey, 3DS gamers! Do you want to look particularly silly when playing your handheld device in public? Have you always looked at that pesky touchscreen and thought, darn, I wish I had an adhesive stick-on D-Pad for that non-button area? Then step right up, for the "Anywhere Buttons"! Order now, preferably...

  • Weirdness If You Always Wanted to See Kanto From Pokémon Red and Blue in Minecraft, Here You Go

    Spare 10 minutes to reward hundreds of hours of effort

    If we were to name a top ten, maybe even a top five, of the biggest franchises in the current gaming landscape, it's possible that both Minecraft and Pokemon would feature. Minecraft, and its ability to allow gamers to create their own worlds, has become a phenomenon, while the hype...

  • Weirdness Say Hello to the Cross Plane, a GamePad For Other Systems

    Well, not quite

    In recent years Nintendo has produced some innovative products with established technology, endured some sniggers and confused coverage, and then seen the idea mimicked and reproduced by others. The idea of touch screens in gaming was rather fresh when the DS was unveiled, and some mocked the waggle motion controls of the Wii —...

  • Weirdness This 1DS Spoof is Remarkably Well Done

    Or the 1Dees, as ABC news would call it

    The 2DS has, despite its obvious reasons for existence in the market this Holiday season, been open to plenty of incredulity and mockery online. That was its inevitable fate, as no amount of logic — or the fact it's not threatening anyone — will spare it some teasing on the web. We must doff our caps to...



  • Weirdness This First-Person Sonic the Hedgehog Video is Rather Impressive

    But would it be playable?

    It's a favourite hobby of some gamers to fantasize over "what ifs"; maybe "what if Mario had worn green and been the easily frightened taller brother?" Or "what if Mega Man had been a middle aged man with a pistol, like on the box art?" Another may well be, what if Sonic the Hedgehog wasn't a 2D platformer, but a...

  • Video The Pokémon Tretta Lab Add-On Makes the Circle Pad Pro XL Look Streamlined

    You can't get this monster in your pocket

    A little while ago we told you about Pokémon Tretta Lab coming to the 3DS in Japan, an app accompanied by fairly bulky hardware to bring an arcade experience home. It arrives in the region on 10th August, with the app being free but the hardware costing 3,800 yen (approx. £25 / €30 / $38). This provides...

  • Weirdness Check Out This Brilliant Donkey Kong Stop-Motion Video

    The mind boggles

    Some YouTube videos dedicated to Nintendo games and franchises cross the boundary from happy enthusiast's amateur efforts to downright impressive, professional-level work. This stop-motion Donkey Kong video certainly fits in the latter category, with a lot of skill and hours no doubt needed to put it all together. We're not sure...

  • Weirdness Hackers Use NES Pad To Drive Car

    All those hours on Rad Racer might come in handy after all

    Security experts Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have demonstrated a method which allows hackers to control a car using a laptop and NES joypad. The pair have created a system which enables them to connect to a car's electronic control unit (ECU) via the on-board diagnostics port and...

  • Weirdness Mike Tyson Was Rubbish at Punch-Out!!

    "I couldn't even beat Glass f****** Joe"

    While some games, particularly in the '80s and '90s, proudly showed off a celebrity likeness or name to sell copies, that doesn't mean that those famous people even liked those games. In the case of Mike Tyson, he was so hopeless at his own part of NES history that it seems irrelevant whether he actually...