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  • News Sine Mora EX Gets Final Nintendo Switch Release Dates

    For realsies this time

    Sine Mora EX is a new version of what was a rather interesting and accomplished shoot 'em up in the last generation. It's a pity, then, that the Switch release has had its ups and downs in the build-up to its eventual arrival - there's the fact it's $10USD more expensive on Switch (the infamous Switch tax) and that it's been...




  • News Nordic Games Rebrands With a Touch of THQ and Talks Up Future Projects

    Majority of new games "former THQ owned IPs and franchises"

    Nordic Games has been around for quite a while, and was previously associated with pleasant but rather low-budget games on systems like Wii - long-term Nintendo Life readers will recall multiple We Sing games. Yet when THQ hit hard times Nordic Games was a surprise buyer (along with various...