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    Review The Walking Dead: The Final Season

    Done Running, indeed

    After all this time, it’s a strange and melancholy thing to see Telltale draw one of its many choice-driven interactive stories to a definitive end. After all, this was the franchise that put the California studio back on the map, with a fine-tuned formula that took everything that made Robert Kirkman’s original comic story...





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    Wii U

    Review The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

    Walking Dud

    Zombies are impossible to avoid. Not that the living dead are walking among us and causing havoc, but the media has been absolutely permeated by them. As evidence, we have The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct; the Wii U’s second game about zombies – known in-game as “walkers” – works as the prequel to a television show about...